How To Adjust Your Brand Strategy And Grow With Integrity?

Adjust Your Brand Strategy And Grow With Integrity

In a business, the two factors of branding and business growth should go hand in hand. They should be directly proportional to each other. In other sense, what I am trying to imply that when the business brand grows, it should grow along with the business. This correlation between the two is what makes a business seem to be more successful than another; imagine having a good name and having very high sales that lead to growth daily. This is the ideal structure that a business should have.

Here we are going to cover some of the ways I found out that are effective in order to your business boom with reference to adjusting strategies and growing with integrity. We are going to start with the ways that one can adjust your brand. The essence of brand strategy is uniting your consumers through stories that they can relate to and adding a touch of unique experiences.

Adjusting Your Brand Strategy

Adjust Your Brand Strategy

To start with, the reason one would want to adjust the brand name is to fit the consumer preference, boost sales or shift from a bad reputation to a new one.

A product that is well received can change the entire business towards the success side; before we even look at the ways of adjusting the brand allows me to touch on the most known types of branding strategies. There are five main types of strategies that a business can brand its products. They include:

Company name Branding: To prove recognition, companies and businesses use their own name. They do it by incorporating slogans colours that are generally recognized by the public. For instance, Coca-Cola company uses the red colour that is associated with them.

Individual Branding: Large companies that have very many different products may switch to branding each product with a different name. This at times works and has been used widely by very companies today

Attitude Branding: in many instances, companies rely on the general attitude and emotions of the consumers and use it to channel it to their and name. Feelings and emotions capture the consumers very fast, and this strategy has been proven very effective. This strategy uses the attitude to bring the business back to life and really connect with the consumer’s emotions.

Brand extension branding: This strategy of branding is where a business introduces another brand name that acts as a subordinate of the existing brand that will increase sales drastically. For instance, companies that sell fragrances have different versions for the release of their products; one product can have two different brand names that can be used out is differentiated by adding a small component.

Private Label branding: In this type of strategy, the business use very cost-effective measures to compete with a larger business that already exists.

There are many other reasons that one would like to change the brand name but are not limited to the ones stated above. Here we are going to look at the ways one will adjust the brand name. Adjusting the brand name depends on the motive or the target that is desired to achieve. It is very easy to adjust the brand name, but it will be very costly, but changing or adjusting will lead to either a positive impact depending on the response from consumers and the quality of the brand. Here are some ways that one can adjust the brand strategy.


One should make the branding be easily found by the consumers. For instance, everywhere a consumer goes, he or she must be able to see the advert for the brand of your business. Being easily found is a constant reminder that your business exists; it will be on their mind, and one day they will decide to visit the store, and if they had already, they would still be coming to your business premises to buy one or two things.


In the brand, the way it has been portrayed should be in a way that is very memorable in that one has minimal chances of forgetting what they saw from that brand.

If the consumers can remember the brand, then it will be in their mind for a long time.


For a brand to be adjusted, the company or business should opt to use a very simple thing to describe the brand. It should be very clear to understand since very complex things the consumers will not spend their time trying to crack what you are trying to state to them. You can assume that they have their own problems to solve, so why waste time trying to figure out what you are selling.


Here the type of branding at all cost should try not to be very ambiguous. The brand should not suggest so many different things to the mind of the consumer. It should be very straight forward, and that will lead to a very effective way of selling your brand.

New Direction Approach

For instance, let us take a case that the company name was tarnished by a consumer that did not like your service or in another angle, it was tarnished by your competitors. What is the right approach to do?

In this case, the best way is to strategize on a new method of approach. This will deviate the attention of the consumers from negative thoughts to the new thing that you want to introduce to them. In this way, you will automatically adjust the branding of your company

Interaction With Consumers

The way people from the business speak to the consumer’s matters a lot. This is because when we do something to the consumers, there will be a reaction depending on how they receive it. An example, when the brand name is an insult to a certain community, people from that community will not be comfortable with your brand, so you will have to use one that interacts well with them. The interaction also comes in with how the brand welcomes them into your business and gives them a sense of belonging

Engage Consumers with Content That Brings the Idea

By using contents that gives the consumer an idea of what you are trying to say is a boss move. This will make the brand name be more famous, which works well with business. All we want is that the brand name grows more and more

Put The Business Image into Visual Perception

Using imagery when branding products or the business gives your brand an upper hand; in that picture, it is easy to communicate the idea than using words. A picture can say it all without speaking. So if an image can do it all, why not give it a try?

Add Expert Talent

Incorporating skills and talent in the branding strategy will boost the brand, for example, when you higher an expert who is excellent in making good banners that will sell your brand name. The more attractive the banner, the better response you get from making the banner. The bottom line of the attractive line has skilled experts that will do a very nice job

Put Influencers

Putting influencers who have a huge following may be from social media and so on. If the influencer can manage to convince their followers that your product is good, then you will have a good name. Using celebrities also will work the same way that using influencers will

Plan A Campaign

Conducting a campaign that sheds light on the public about your brand will increase the number of following that you have simply because you are reaching out to the consumers who had no idea that your brand exists. This is a good move to adjust your brand to a successful path.

Growing with Integrity

Grow With Integrity

What is integrity? In a lame man’s language, integrity is the ability to do the right things even when no one is seeing or supervising you. How do integrity and business come together? In my opinion, business is a good and desirable quality, so if the business portrays this quality, many people will want to associate with you. Integrity also creates a good image for the brand. Many companies and business use the word integrity in their mottos and slogans. Nevertheless, what really is integrity? How do we promote integrity?

Here we are going to touch on some of the ways that the business can become a business of integrity by:

Paying Tax

The governments of our countries require us to pay a certain percentage of money. This is called a tax; paying tax early is a way of showing that the business upholds integrity through this way. It also gives the government no reason for them to follow up on you. Because if they do, they will destroy the public image of the company

Avoiding False Adverts

Some businesses advertise falsely either by exaggerating the contents of the products or the quality being sold. They do this to increase the number of customers. But look at it from this angle, what if the consumers find out that your advert is false, the vice versa of your expectation will happen. You expected many people to come into your business, and now many people will leave because you falsely advertised.


We all know that the main aim of the business is making money .it is achieved by selling the product or service that is offered. Now there comes a different view where the business has to come with the price that will favour them. Definitely, a higher price will favour them, but now the pricing should do in a fair manner. A way that the consumer will not feel as if he or she has been robbed. It should be moderate, and the consumer should be given a run for their money. Fair prices will even attract more customers to the business.

Following Rules and regulations

Everywhere you go, they will always be laws that govern that area. For businesses, there are also laws, regulations and policies that they should follow to the later. A business that practices integrity should not try to bend the law in one way or another. However, undesirable or harsh the law might be, the business should follow it. It should try to be on the safer side of the law because the consumers are watching all over for law-breaking businesses, and this will create a negative picture.

Be Honest

If you as a business cannot meet a request or obligation from a consumer, it wiser and best if you just told them the truth and provided a date that the obligation can be met.


This is being there at all times or in different situations. Being there means that your service and products are always available in all seasons during difficulty and good times. People like businesses that are consistent in nature because deep down in their mind, they know that they will find you at a certain place when they need you. This creates integrity in the business. To add on, this is also like being a role model to the rest; it portrays a very good quality to the rest.

Giving Your Business Time

This implies that a company should not be in a rush to gain success in a very short period. If you are impatient, you will look for short cuts to achieve your goals, and most of these short cuts are not honest and legally allowed. Integrity as a whole is an important building block for your reputation, and it has never been accomplished overnight.

The Bottom Line

Brand-making is all about getting a good name and a good image in the face of the public, which is very important in the growth of a business, while integrity is practising ethical methods while conducting your daily operations.

If a business gets a good brand, it will grow.