How crowdsourcing websites help in business branding?

crowdsourcing websites

Businesses do a lot to get information, products, services, among others, to keep it going. Moreover, running tasks and operations is never easy. Also, employing people to get the job done comes with lots of overhead costs. This has led to the rise of crowdsourcing which is done to help reduce costs. Besides, it offers a wide variety of qualified personnel, a company or firm can choose to work with. However, what is crowdsourcing, and what are crowdsourcing websites? Are there any benefits of adopting the practice? In this article, we will discuss crowdsourcing; keep reading to find out more.

crowdsourcing websites

What is Crowdsourcing?

Before getting started, let us find out the meaning of crowdsourcing. This is the practice done by organizations or individuals when they obtain goods, services, information, work, or ideas from a group through the internet. These individuals also submit such details through applications or social media. Some of the activities involved in crowdsourcing include freelancing, which earns the individuals money and other voluntary tasks. With crowdsourcing, companies and businesses can get skills and expertise from different qualified individuals across the world. Moreover, it encourages innovation, helps in solving problems, and encourages efficiency. Also, they can delegate tasks and works to people from within their countries or from any part of the world. This way, the companies or firms can reduce costs as compared to when they have their employees perform the duties. Additionally, when a company practices crowdsourcing, the work to be done is broken down into bits then delegated to a crowd that works on it separately.

What are the Crowdsourcing Websites?

Having grabbed some crowdsourcing information, let us shift our attention to crowdsourcing websites. What are they? These are platforms that help businesses cut costs by allowing them to complete numerous tasks at a low cost. These websites can be depended on to get most of the work done. For this reason, most startups can rely on such crowdsourcing websites. They seek quick solutions and want to reduce costs, something that is possible thanks to crowdsourcing and the sites that make it easier. However, can the websites help in business branding? Let us find out how this can happen.

How Crowdsourcing Websites Help In Business Branding

 As a company practising crowdsourcing, you probably want to get your business identified. With branding, you allow your clients to have a good experience with your business and easily recognize it. Also, you want to improve the way consumers perceive your business or company. Doing this and creating a lasting image for your business is not easy. However, if you are crowdsourcing, you can help in business branding. How? You might ask. Well, think about the following ways;

Creating Interest in your Brand

There are crowdsourcing contests and competitions which can be held through crowdsourcing websites. When users participate in them, they get to know more about your brand. The moment they want to be a part of the contest, the interest is already generated in them. They will then have an impression of your business and what it offers. Also, crowdsourcing competitions not only help in promoting the business but also as a way of expressing creative ty. This is because the users will submit their work and ideas through the websites. An example of a website that makes this possible is Lego.

Crowd Testing

There are websites such as Passbrains that help businesses get feedback from their users about their product or service. Also, it helps them get the user insight so that they can understand what the consumers need and want, as well as why they feel a certain way concerning a business. The websites can get feedback from users by crowdsourcing users who match the specific target audience of a business or company.

Surveys and Market Research

Some businesses and companies use crowdsourcing to conduct surveys and research to get data from their clients. Take the example of a fast-food eatery KFC. It conducts surveys on its services by giving links in their receipts. When the customers are done with the survey, they get a 10% off of their next order. What an offer! This encourages them to give the necessary data and information required. Additionally, crowdsourcing websites such as Toluna and Survey Savvy helps market research firms obtain data through surveys. Other companies have a contract with the website to help in conducting the surveys. The good thing is that the crowdsourcing website determines whether or not a user is a target audience of the business researching. When the surveys are complete, the target audience’s feedback is gotten. This helps businesses develop their business and create marketing plans. What’s more, crowdsourcing websites have rewards for those who fill the profile surveys. This makes them popular among users.

Crowdsourcing Idea

One interesting thing about crowdsourcing is that you can get ideas from customers. This can help you know where to make changes and where to improve your business. The customers can give you their opinion concerning your business and its operations. When you have the ideas, you can implement them for the improvement of your business. Also, if you have a new product on the market, you can crowdsource the opinions and views of your target audience. This can help you know what to change about the given product. When you offer such opportunities to your customers, they become more committed to your business. Besides, crowdsourcing websites such as Chaordix allow you to get and share your ideas and get feedback from the users.


Crowdsourcing websites also allow you to get solutions when you face problems in your business. Whether the problem is about research or the general development of your business, you can crowdsource help from such websites. An example of a platform that helps in problem-solving is Innocentive. This platform will help you seek a solution. What’s more, since the websites are paid for solving a problem, they take your issue as a challenge and strive to get a solution to it.


Crowdsourcing websites help you with marketing too. When you crowdsource, you can have a vivid idea of what your target audience needs. This way, you strategize in such a way that you ensure their needs and wants are met. The decisions made in your business are hence driven towards meeting the customer’s expectations. When you continually do this, you can sell out your products more and even grow your business. Moreover, before you launch a product, you can crowdsource marketing so that you can know what the potential clientele base thinks about it. Such strategies can help you improve the product before bringing it into the market. Also, when you crowdsource, you have a great number of people who talk about your business and brand.

Product Testing

Crowdsourcing websites gives you a platform for testing your products. Well, you can use crowdsourcing to test for the efficiency and functionality of products, as well as the appeal it has on the public. Normally, having a flawless performance of a new product is a huge task for businesses who want to sell internationally. However, thanks to crowdsourcing websites, this is made easier. At the final phase of production, you can crowdsource its testing in different countries. This way, you reduce any overhead costs that might have been incurred if at all, you had used traditional methods.

The Benefits of Crowdsourcing

As we have seen, crowdsourcing websites play an important role in business branding. However, what are the benefits of this practice? Can the companies and firms attain anything from it? The benefits are as follows;

Helps reduce Costs

When a firm or company gets the services of a specific employer to get a task done, it is forced to pay quite an amount. Also, if the services of a graphic designer, for example, are acquired on contract, a company spends more compared to when the same task is crowdsourced. Furthermore, when you do not crowdsource the service or product, you might not like the result. On the other hand, with crowdsourcing, you have access to many individuals who offer the same products or services at a cheaper cost. Additionally, when you practice crowdsourcing, you are not entitled to having employees work for you. This way, you reduce the overhead costs such as salaries, benefits, and much more which are associated with hiring employees.

Reduces Management

When a task or project is underway, it has to be managed. There are also many processes involved. Such include conceptualizing ideas, revising them to the point of making the final selection. This means you have a lot of work to do. However, when you crowdsource, all you need to do is submit your idea. The rest of the work is done by the team. The group of skilled individuals is then left to organize and manage your project on your behalf. Therefore, as a company, crowdsourcing allows you to have less management on projects and tasks.

crowdsourcing websites

Provides a Variety of Options

Crowdsourcing normally allows you to have a huge number of creations to choose from. There is numerous creative content available. You just have to choose what and who you prefer. However, a huge number of options available can distract you. Thanks to crowdsourcing websites, though, you can get rid of designs that do not interest you. When you do this, you have a manageable number and can also provide feedback easily.

Improved Creativity

In crowdsourcing, a firm or company can make use of the available numerous creative content available. Why is this possible, though? The individuals who work for the firm are free to express themselves, have no attachments with the companies, and might lack insecurities. Therefore, they can explore their creativity levels and allow you to have a quality kind of work. Additionally, the groups strive to work extra hard and ensure they are very creative because the higher the creativity, the higher the likelihood of being noticed and chosen for a job. This means that individuals work extra hard to produce quality products and services.

Saves Time

When a company wants to implement research through crowdsourcing, the process becomes easier compared to if it uses the traditional method, such as employing individuals to do the work. Furthermore, the research work is shared among several users, and this ensures t is achieved easier and faster.

Allows Knowledge to be Shared

Crowdsourcing gives access to various skills, locations, and even resources. When the skills from different individuals are used, the knowledge is shared.

Limitations of Crowdsourcing

  • It can be unreliable; a business might at times not automatically get the tasks completed when and how they need them. However, if there are no deadlines or set quality for a given task, this cannot be an issue.
  • May raise privacy concerns; At times, the users might be unwilling to provide their personal information. This may stop them from participating in crowdsourcing. Also, since the work posted by individuals on the net can be seen by everyone, the confidentiality of your information is not guaranteed.
  • Difficulty in managing a large number of people; with crowdsourcing, you have to work with a huge number of people to get a task performed. This might not be easy since coordination is difficult where a large group is involved. This, in turn, may become time-consuming. Additionally, having control over it can be burdensome.


Crowdsourcing is a practice that has led to so many changes. Businesses and companies can get the tasks performed faster and quicker than when they use tradition l methods. Also, there are crowdsourcing websites that allow businesses to crowdsource ideas, creations, services, as well as products from groups of individuals across the globe. Furthermore, the sites have helped in business branding in so many ways, as discussed in this article. Nonetheless, there are several advantages experienced by businesses that crowdsource. From access to various skills to saving time and reducing management, businesses can sure benefit from it. However, there are some advantages associated with the practice too. Therefore, if you are planning to use crowdsourcing in your business, even for branding, ensure you choose a good website to help you achieve that.