How To Build Your Brand On Social Media

Build Your Brand On Social Media

Creating a brand is a thing every business looks forward to attaining. There are multiple ways on how a brands reputation can be built. Some of these ways include; Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click. The method which has already been tested tried and confirmed to be the best in Social Media Marketing.

The social media platform is known to bring about long-lasting results within the minimum time possible. Experts have confirmed social media to be one of the most prevailing tools in building brand’s engagement, awareness and traffic.

Creating a social network leads to winning the client’s loyalty as well as trust in your business. Alike, share, tweet, retweet or comment on social media sells your brand to a large population. This makes the brand stronger and even more competitive within the market.

The best thing about social media is that its role is not restricted to any location. Connect with your target audience., area, region, people or place.

Ways Through Which a Brand can be Created Through Social Media Platforms.

Connection with your target

Build Your Brand

 Getting to the right audience at the right time is vital. Social media platforms will enable you to reach your targeted audience within the perfect moment.

Social media has many platforms from which one can invest in. Investing in many platforms is dangerous, especially if mismanaged. You need to choose the exact platform from where you wish to invest from.

Each channel within social media has its advantages, and one can choose their best option. Again, you need to understand that the type of business you deal with will influence the type of social media platform to use.

How do you identify the best social media platform for you? Social media itself will simply help you in this. Come up with a reported track of the performance of your platform on a weekly basis. By doing this, social media will aid you in understanding the hidden realities of your strategy.

This report will help you identify the platform that will engage the audience easily depending on the type of business you practice. After analyzing accordingly, use the platform/ platforms that are suitable for your business.

Create your brand logo and name    

The company’s logo is a vital instrument as it serves as an identity for your business. It the channel through which clients see your business. It should send as well as print a positive impression into the audience’s mind.

Ensure that your logo is clear and visible. Its clarity and visibility will make it easy for the audience to easily differentiate your firm’s post from those of your competitors. This means that any post you do on social media should go hand in hand with your name and logo.

The logo and name have the following benefits;

  • Aids your clients in identifying your brand.
  • They are key in the promotion of company’s goods as well as services
  • Builds your brand image in the market.

Make use of all the available platforms if necessary

 If need be, it is advisable to make use of multiple social media platforms. Although the use of multiple platforms is discouraged in social media marketing strategy, where applicable, it can bear good results. Each particular platform will help in spreading brand awareness as well as attaining user engagement.

Here are some of the prominent social media platforms you can use;


Facebook Social Media

This flatform has the largest number of users throughout the globe. This makes it one of the most reliable platforms. Through Facebook, it is easy for business people to interact with target clients.

Here the key things to keep in mind when using the Facebook platform:

  • The posts you make should be eye-catching.
  • Ensure that you tag others in all your posts.
  • The advertising images posted should be enticing.
  • In a situation where your company is doing offers as well as discounts, do not leave them in your Facebook adverts.


Research has shown that Twitter has more than three hundred million users worldwide. These numbers form a good basis for one to build their brand. The greatest advantage of this platform is that through it, you can interact with marketers as well as their business leads. This kind of interaction is key since it will enable you to form connections with fellow business people.

When posting a Twitter, you should bear the following in mind;

  • Your tweets should be retweeted to enhance more engagements.
  • Ensure that you make good use of hashtags but not too much of them.
  • Images are important in tweets, so make sure they are included in all tweets.
  • In a situation where you are using other people’s information, always give them credit.


This social media platform is unique. Its uniqueness is attributed to the fact that it targets the audience who connect more with images and videos. Your clients will follow your brand and interact with you via hashtags.

While posting on Instagram, observe the following;

  • Make use of popular hashtags.
  • Employ the use of attractive colours in your images.

Instagram has the following common features; IGTV, Live Video, Status tracker, use of enticing colours in images, Geo-tagging, push notification of favourite account. Others features are; Video feature and the use of thirty popular hashtags.


This platform boasts of over three hundred million visitors within a month. In this platform, users can post answers to questions that have been posted by other users. The greatest advantage of this platform is that it is easy to state your business objective.

Here are the key considerations to keep in mind when answering a question on Quora;

  • Make use of trending keywords as per Google.
  • Ensure that you do not use many links
  • The question to be posted should have a high Google rating
  • The answers provided to the questions posted on Quora should be short and precise.


This platform involves sharing of information as well as knowledge via visuals. It is an effective type of platform to engage your audience irrespective of the type of your business. It can work for both B2C as well as B2B type of business.

Here are the key considerations to keep in mind when using Pinterest;

  • Never make Use of BIT.LY links
  • Before you post any image or infographics, ensure that you seek authority
  • It is not wise to always
  • share production stories. At times make sure that you deliver knowledge to your audience.
  • Keep away from using keyword stuffing 
  • Avoid using a link in the comment part


YouTube Social Media

This platform enjoys close to two billion users in a month; most of this user is active. The number of visitations to this platform shows how effective it can be in spreading one’s brand. The use of this platform is simple since it only requires you to share content related to your business information of videos.

This platform is effective for B2B marketers intending to form pleasant connections with their fellow marketers as well as new leads. This is achieved through generating valuable as well as engaging content.

Posting on YouTube requires you to put the following into considerations;

  • Do not overlook the quality of the video you are to post.
  • Ensure that you include hashtags on your post
  • Ensure that you put forth an effective description of the content you are posting
  • Make use of the trending keywords in the titles.
  • Ensure that your videos are optimized for mobile devices.
  • Videos to be posted should last for a duration of two to three minutes.

Here are the key considerations to keep in mind when placing content on LinkedIn;

  • The post should be stimulating.
  • The content posted should not be spinning.
  • Contents that are religious, political or controversial should not be posted on this platform.
  • Keep away from posting content depicting sales pitch. 

From this content, it is evident that there are numerous social media platforms for enhancing your brand’s image. The task you have is to choose the most effective to use.

Persuading your audience to follow your social profile/profiles.

Ensure the presence of your account in such a way that the audience automatically follows your profile. The account should be created in such a way that the users we are craving to understand how you spend your time.

Here are tips to guide you come up with a shining account.

  • Ensure that you always post valuable content.
  • Ensure that you schedule the content to post in good time
  • Make use of hashtags that are trending.
  • It is not wise to post all through.
  • Ensure that your cover photo is updated from time to time with the latest happenings.
  • Let your clients have information on the kind of events your firm participates in.
  • Your audience should be informed of the achievements which have already been attained by your company.
  • Run enticing contests
  • Make Use of the Instagram stary and benefit from it.
  • Ensure that you are active on social media platforms; this will enable you to solve the concerns of your clients in good time.
  • Reply to comments, tweet and likes are important.

Strategize on the content to use per social media platform

Social media platforms are different; thus, each has specific content that it can generate. This, however, does not mean that specific content cannot be recycled through various social media platforms. Certain content can be communicated through more than one platform but in a different way.

Human eyes, as well as the brain, respond more easily to images compared to texts. Therefore, many customers will engage more with visual content, unlike text. This means that to succeed easily, you need to use more visual content and not texts.

Come up with engaging as well as attractive social media

Engaging social media requires the creation of memorable and enticing posts on social media platforms. The easiest way to achieve this is by coming up with visual content for your audience.

Here are the tips to guide you in creating fostering and appealing content;

  • Employ the use of gorgeous colours in the images
  • The images to be posted should be compelling
  • The content should be engaging
  • Use popular hashtags.

Ensure that you link well and communicate with the audience

To attain this, you have to spend time being active on various social media platforms. Ensure that tweets, retweets, comments, likes and shares posted on your platforms are replied to as soon as possible. Making the replies even if you are going to do so by use of a simple phrase like ‘noted’ will create a positive impact on your clients.

To ensure that replies are made all through, you can set automated replies. Continuous and timely replies to customers make them understand that they are important to you. They will not take you as an exploiter who is just after making money from them.  

The time to time interaction with your customers builds a strong bond between you and them. Their trust and loyalty to your firm and its products also grow. In case of any query concerning any of your goods or services, it is important to resolve it. As you resolve this be prepared to receive even negative reviews. This will help you get to know what your competitors talk about concerning your business.  

You should reach out to a broader audience by optimizing your social profiles

Social profiles optimization enables you to raise the chances of getting to as well as engaging more users.

Here are tips to aid you in enhancing the social profiles;

  • Ensure that your work is clear before you pass it to consumers.
  • All the fields needed in creating an account should be properly filled.
  • Your account should be well linked to other social media accounts
  • Your social media account should use the cover photos for your brand.
  • All your media accounts should have the same description.
  • All your social media accounts have to be optimized.

Tracking your achievements/success is key

The achievements attained through the conversations done through your social media branding strategy have to be well monitored. The measure of the following KPIs will tell you the number of conversations your brand has gained; likes, comments, tweets, mentions and share.

These will aid you in knowing whether you have right or wrong followers.

The Bottom Line

Social media has become a paramount tool in day to day human life. In the current world, we can say that social media is inseparable from human life. Right from communication, trading, studying, among other many important spheres in our lives, social media has been impactive. It has become a key tool for business people in marketing their products and services throughout the globe. Alternatively, if you find the above way too much work, and want to hire someone else to do it, you can always consider hiring one of the social media agencies and supervise the process instead.