How to Come Up With The Perfect Business Name

Perfect Business Name

You have had the business idea for a while now. The passion, courage, and time invested say it all. You have the location, client base, and other necessary things in mind already. However, one thing is still missing; the name. Besides, you have plans for your startup. No doubt you would want it to boom, expand and be successful. Therefore, the name you choose for your business plays an important role; hence, it should be catchy. However, coming up with one is never easy. In this article, let’s look at some tips and examples to help you do this without paying any naming agency.

Tips For a Perfect Business Name

Perfect Business Name

Stay Original

Staying original can save you a lot. After all, you do not want the name to be the downfall of your business, do you? Having your business sued for lack of originality in its name is not an exciting experience; no doubt you wouldn’t want to go through it. You should avoid copying other brand names or getting inspiration from an already established business. Therefore, ensure you keep the originality level as high as you can.

Let it Be Simple

As a business owner, you might want some sophistication or an extra edge to the name you choose for your business. However, have you thought about the customers? Can they pronounce your business name easily? As much as the name suits the personality of your business, can the customers spell it? This means that you shouldn’t make it extremely complex. If they cannot spell it, then it would be hard for them to find your business online. This way, you might lose customers. You wouldn’t want that to happen. Would you go for a name that is easy-to-spell then? With time though, the clients may learn and adapt to the name, however hard. However, make it easier for them from the start. Therefore, when choosing a name, think about its simplicity, make it easier for your target audience. The good thing with a simple business name is the ability of customers to connect with it easily.

Think of the Appearance

If you are thinking of having a logo for your business, no doubt you have to think of how the business name which is chosen will look. Also, when marketing your business through adverts, the appearance of the business name matters a lot. Therefore, go for a name that would be appealing to look at, whether on a logo or an advertisement.

Don’t Limit Your Business

You are limiting a business through the name; how? Well, if you pick a name that only narrows down to a specific service, you might have problems in the future when you think of the expansion of the business. If you plan to operate in a particular city or town, don’t restrict the name to that place. You might move and go to a new location. Besides, you should avoid narrowing down the business name to a specific service or product offered. You might just try something else in the course of running the business. You wouldn’t want the name to prevent you from expanding your business operations.

What’s the Energy?

When a customer hears the name of your business, what effect does it have on him or her? What’s that energy or vibe created? If you go for a name with so much vibe, then marketing will be easier. However, as much as it has to be full of life, always ensure you maintain professionalism while at it.

Something Available

As in the case of originality, you need to consider also how available a name is. What does that mean? Come up with a name that hasn’t been selected yet, and is not owned by another business or brand. Also, do not create a name that is almost similar to that of another business. If you are wondering how you can know if a name is leady in use or not, don’t worry. There are online sites that make it easier for you to check how available a name is in the industry.  When you have come up with a name, you can check through these online tools. So, before settling on one, ensure you research thoroughly through the internet.

A meaningful Name

At times, you need to go beyond an appealing name and create one that has some meaning. This can be beneficial if the name chosen is related positively to your kind of business. You can opt for a name that gives an individual a clue or idea of what your business is all about. Depending on the type of business you run, just be creative around it and come up with something meaningful.


After coming up with a name, you can get others’ opinions about it. You can have three to five trusted friends or family tell you what they think about it. Give them a few name ideas you had come up with. Let them tell you how it sounds. If you notice that you say the name out loud and they give you a surprised look, you can change it. Therefore, be keen on their expressions when you talk it loud. Moreover, ensure you have those who offer honest opinions give you feedback. Therefore, if you have some name ideas, you can test them with real people.

Ensure It’s Something You Love

As a business owner, you have to first love the name of your business before presenting it to others. If you come up with something you love, you will be confident about it. Also, it won’t be difficult for you to tell it to others even if you just want to get their feedback. Therefore, you can have plenty of name ideas. Weight them out, considering how catchy they are, how related they are to the business, their simplicity, and so on. This way, you go for the best name that you love.

Ways of Choosing a Business Name

Perfect Business Name

Having looked at the tips on coming up with a business name, let us shift our focus now. In this section, we will look at the various ways you can use to come up with a name for your business. For a perfect name for your business, you can brainstorm and search with the following ways in mind;

Go for Acronyms or Abbreviations

At times, the acronyms are easier to remember compared to the full name of a business. Besides, there are established businesses, brands as well as companies that are well known, thanks to their acronyms. Take the example of the British Broadcasting Corporation. It is commonly identified as BBC. Therefore, you can derive a name idea from the acronyms you develop. Suppose your business is named Ace Marketing Agency, you can come up with a name, AMA, from the acronym. The acronym might be more common compared to the full name. Therefore, you want your business to get known widely. An acronym can do the trick. Don’t be scared to consider it when developing ideas for the name of your business. On the other hand, if the idea for a business name in your mind is too long, you can abbreviate it. Think of a phrase or word that is related to what your business offers and go for it. Also, if you have a name or something with a sentimental effect on you, abbreviate it and have a part of it for your business name.

Use Your Name

The business is yours; the ideas are yours; you are the one who has organized the resources and everything involved; why not use your name for it? Being the founder and owner of the business, this is one of the many privileges you can enjoy. Therefore, if you are called James, and your business involves selling ice cream, you can incorporate your name in the business name. For example, you can name it James Ice Cream or something related to that. Remember, your creativity can also bail you out. What’s more, there are many common businesses and brand names given after the founders or owners. Therefore, it isn’t so odd an idea; you can consider it.

A Different Spelling

If you are using English, for example, you can play around with the words t achieve the desired outcome. These can include removing or adding a letter or two. Also, you can change the spelling of a word related to your business altogether. When you make changes to the spelling and give it a new one from the one that is most common and known, you will grab the attention of potential clients. When individuals see the change in spelling in your business name from what they are accustomed to, they might be curious to find out more about it.

Use a Nickname

Other than using your official name for your business, you can go for the nickname instead. This can be the case if you have had the nickname for a better part of your life. With this, you can have that personal touch in your business name. On the other hand, you can create a sentimental feel by using your child’s nickname for your business. Such have a lasting effect and impact. Therefore, coming up with a name for your business can also have some personal touch from either your nickname or that of your child.

Combine Things

You are a creative person; you can mix your ideas and come up with a nice name for your business. You can have figures and letters combined to create an attractive name. Also, when doing this, you can have the purpose and idea brought out by your business in mind. This way, you mix with a certain goal in mind. Plus, you develop a name related to what your business has to offer. Whether it is combining your name with your hometown or blending numbers and figures, you can always come up with a nice name for your business.

Discover the World

If you are someone who loves visiting new places, meeting new people, or generally interacting with nature, you can draw the name of your business from such areas. The world has so much to offer in terms of countries, rivers, oceans, seas, and so on. Pick a name from there and come up with one or two for your business. What’s more, you can get creative and brighten everything up. After all, you don’t want a boring name for your business, do you? Additionally, there are established brands like Amazon, which derived the name from nature’s provision. Therefore, make use of the internet and search for some catching name of a certain river, animal, or lake.

Foreign Languages and Words

Having something foreign can bring you the needed attention. A business name is no different. If you come up with a foreign name for your business or incorporate a foreign word in it, you can add some exotic feel to it. Such names stick to the potential clients’ minds, and there are higher chances of them remembering the names for a long time.  Therefore, the secret to creating a memorable and unique name for your business can be lying in trying a foreign language or word. So, whether you are running a salon or a barbershop in the US, for example, you can come up with a French or Japanese name for it. Let it be unique and stand out.

The bottom line

Coming up with a name for a business might seem simple. However, there is much involved than just selecting a name. You could be risking a lot of things if you don’t put some considerations in mind. However, you can make the process simpler by having a few tips in mind when developing and researching a name. This article has some dope tips to keep in mind and deeply ponder over to come up with a unique name. Also, originality is key. Moreover, there are a few examples of how you can come up with a name for your startup. You can go through and pick on what works for you.


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