Best Free Email Account Providers In 2021

In case you are in search of an email service provider currently, then you need to get it right that there is a variety of them. For you to get the right one, then you have to be a bit careful as well as take your time in making up decisions.

Getting the right email service provider is not a difficult task. What you are required to do is to sign up with an ISP. The signing will earn you an account to kick off with. The next big step will require you to create an account with big names such as Microsoft or Google.

Purchasing a good web hosting package will earn you several email addresses to enable you to take part in large business activities.

The tasking bit arises when one is attempting to get the best email service providers. This bit is usually complicated by the fact that several considerations have to be made to come up with the best.

Before you conclude the service provider you should go for then you will have to deal with the following considerations: How will it be easy for your inbox to stay organized? The kind of spam filters needed—the possibility of accessing other client’s emails, among other key considerations.

An email has turned out to be the most used channel of communication for both businesses as well as personal activities, thus a key tool in human day to day interactions. Since there are multiple email provider services, it is worth noting that each comes with its uniqueness as well as capability to carry out diverse tasks. For us to come up with the best, then we will have to visit a number of these service providers and get to know more about them.

Best Free Email Account Providers In 2021

Types of Email Accounts

There are two kinds of email accounts through which a sent email can be received. The two include email clients and webmail. Although many people consider webmail account over the email client both have their advantages.

Email clients

This kind of email is a software program installed on the computer to access as well as manage an account. It enables you to connect to the internet and enhance the interaction with the server of the email provider enabling sending and reception of messages.

This email account is best suited for business purposes as they provide an advanced mailbox management functionality compared to webmail. They are also known to be efficient in integrating with other software used by the company.


This kind of account is created online. The messages meant for this are sent and received via the net. This happens through a web browser, as the name suggests, unlike the email client, which happens along installed software.

Webmail enables one to receive access to their email from the server of the provider by simply signing in to the website that joins the email account. The good thing about this account is that its opening is done free of charge and that you can access it from point provided that there is internet provision.

Irrespective of your email account type, some protocols and tools enable you to check the messages from your computer or any other device. These protocols include:


This refers to post office protocol version three. Its work is to retrieve email meant for you from the provider’s server and download it into your device. Through this, it becomes possible for one t to view the email while offline. When this is done, the email disappears from the provider’s server, and it can only be accessed through the device downloaded into. This protocol is best suited for those who have a single email account and a computer.


This stands for internet message access protocol. It is more effective compared to POP3 since it does not delete one’s email data on the provider’s server. Instead of downloading the message into your device, it makes it possible for you to access it as well as manage it from whichever device or any location you log into your account from. It is a suitable protocol for people who own several email accounts and who would like to access them from several devices.


This protocol does not vary much with IMAP. It makes use of the server where accounts are configured. It enables synching of email messages across many devices, thus letting one access their email account through the net.

This protocol also makes it possible for one to sync calendars, tasks as well as contacts with other workers. This makes it the most suited protocol for the people running businesses as well as institutions.

For us to come up with the best email service provider, we will have to visit the following email service providers; GMX, Yahoo Mail, iCloud Mail, Zoho Mail, AOL, Proton Mail, Gmail and Outlook.


Best Free Email Account Providers In 2021

Gmail is best suited for those who love Google products or those who are already using it. The greatest shortcoming with Gmail is that it is too versatile. The reason why Gmail is popular among many people is because of multiple communication options in boxed to devices that do not necessarily concern email use.

Gmail features a stripped-back web interface that is a highlight. It facilitates devotion of the inbox bearing a minimum toolbar as well as the clutter.

The messages displayed through Gmail are well organized, depicting clear conversations to facilitate easy viewing. This makes it easy for one to read as well as make replies with ease. This makes it a conducive platform to be used even by first-timers or amateurs.

Gmail offers one plenty of power. For instance, dynamic Mail makes this forum stand out as a very interactive platform. To start with, it gives one the option of taking action directly from within the email. Such include; questionnaire filling or even responding to comments within Google documents.

The messages within the Gmail account can be easily filtered, making them suitable for tabbed categories such as promotions, primary as well as social. This will aid one to focus on only the content they are looking for. This platform also features leading-edge spam blocking. This ensures that your inbox is free of junk all through. It will also allow you to man other accounts from the same interface. Gmail also gives you a storage capacity of 15GB for the photos, drive and inbox.

Gmail can be accessed while offline though one will require the Google Chrome application to enjoy this. Gmail has a snooze feature which is neat that enables snoozing of an email for a given period.

Some of the Gmail features have shortcomings, for instance. It does not consolidate messages into folders in a simple manner that can be easily understood by the users. Instead, it puts them in a way that requires one to filter them by use of a custom rebelling scheme. This practice works, and it comes with several merits; however, not all the users are conversant with it. Gmail is an excellent platform; it is suitable for use by starters.

Gmail is a professional product; it enhances dropping of advertisements as well as facilitate the use of custom email address on the user’s domain. As well it contains business-oriented migration tools that are capable of importing mails from other service providers such as; Lotus, Outlook, exchange, among others. The greatest advantage of this service provider is that, on a basic plan, its storage space doubles. This enables one to get unlimited group email addresses that have a guarantee of almost 100% uptime as well as 24/7 backing.

The Google workspace is its answer to Microsoft Office. This means that the use of Gmail will enable you to get applications to make it possible for you to work with presentations, documents and spreadsheets. This service provider provides you with shared calendars. This enhances your organization. On top of this, there is a provision for video as well as voice conferencing for online meetings. The twenty-four-seven backing ensures that your system is running effortlessly.

It is crystal clear that Gmail is among the top email service providers on the current market. This fact does not mean that you should opt for it as there are several others with their merits and demerits. To aid you further in making a proper decision on the platform you should go for; we will have to dissect this platform further. 

Gmail pricing and plans

At some point in this article, we mentioned that Gmail has a free version that requires one to have a Chrome APP. The free version is only suitable for personal use. For business activities, you will be required to go for a premium Google Workspace plan. Although this version may tend to be expensive by the end of the day, it will give you value for your money.

To be specific, the premium Google Workspace plan will cost a business starter roughly $6 per user in one month. This will give you 30GB storage capacity per user. It will as well come with a custom business mail address as well as the ability to convene video conferences that can accommodate a figure of up to a hundred people.

 The most advanced Gmail package will cost you $18 a use in thirty days. This package comes with a storage capacity of 5TB. It can host video meetings of up to 250 people. In addition, the video meetings can be saved onto Google drive for future use. It should be understood that you are only able to acquire the same functionality from Gmail alone, irrespective of the amount you pay.

Google Gmail features

 Becoming a pro in writing emails is associated with getting used to practising for some time. Getting used to doing the emails has some truth in it, but there is a unique feature called Smart Compose, which aids in quicker writing of emails. Smart Compose personalization setting will help you in creating suggestions that are personalized to your writing styles.

Nudges is another feature of Gmail. These are hardy reminders that position emails at your inbox’s top. Such emails bear a highlighted reminder. Some of these reminders include; ‘Received five years ago, ‘follow’, ‘sent three days ago’ among other reminders. This feature is important, especially to those trading with a lot of correspondence. This feature as well ensures that you are in a position of reading, responding as well as searching emails if you are not connected to the net.

Gmail makes it possible for you to hold conversations with people within your organization through Google meet or even Google chat. At the same time, it ensures that you are in a position to send calendar invitations and include content into your to-do list. All this will be attained without one moving from the platform.

Gmail can get rid of almost 100% of dangerous emails by ensuring that they do not get into your inbox. At the same time, it will as well warn you of any emails that seem suspicious.

Google Gmail Interface as well as in use

Gmail has a simple interface to use in various devices such as mobile phones, desktops to mention a few. It is designed to have a simple layout that making it easy for diverse users. Emails via Gmail are usually sorted automatically into the categories of primary, social or promotions. Although it might not sort the emails on how they should be done, it can recognize its mistakes as you manually move the emails into their right categories.

Google Gmail support

Gmail service provides three levels of support that are available to premium users. These include; premium support, enhanced support and standard support.

Standard support is believed to be the most expensive as it is the default option accommodating all plans apart from enterprise. The Business Standard, as well as Business Plus, can be upgraded to attain Enhanced Support at a fee. For the enterprise clients, they can acquire enhanced support that can easily be upgraded to premium support.

The main difference between these two levels is the upgrading period. The time varies from close to four hours for standard support to fifteen minutes for the premium support.

Gmail versus other service providers

If you are looking forward to having a secure email server, then you have to seek an alternative platform apart from Gmail. Some of the platforms you should think of embracing include; proton Mail or Microsoft Outlook. Although we can argue that Gmail is a bit secure service provider, its security can be doubted as it can scan emails to perform specific functions such as Smart Compose. With Proton Mail, you are sure of end-to-end encryption enabled, which ensures that no one can access your emails.

Proton Mail

Best Free Email Account Providers In 2021

Proton Mail is known for being an email service provider with an emphasis on security as well as privacy, thus making it ideal for people looking for such features.

Email service providers come with privacy compromises. For instance, Yahoo Mail will ask you to provide your name, mobile number. On the other hand, Gmail, among other service providers, is likely to scan the messages in your mails to conduct useful actions. Such actions include; adding events to calendars, among others.

The unique thing with ProtonMail, which is a Swiss-based email service provider, is that it puts a lot of emphasis on one’s privacy. To attain this, the platform is designed in such a way that one can anonymously sign up. In addition to this, they do not give the option for logging in to IP addresses. They also ensure that your emails are encrypted end-to-end to ensure that no one can access your messages, including the Protocol Mail itself.

This platform also provides room for address verification. This will allow you to know whom you are communicating with to have it right from the word go whether you are conversing with the right person. It also provides full support for PGP email encryption. Recently ProtonMail service providers cooperated with elliptic curve cryptography to improve the security as well as the speed of this platform.

Another advantage with this platform is that its paid users can use undo function in conjunction with the import-export app to transfer emails between accounts easily and download messages to their phones, desktops or any other device.

This platform, however, has its disadvantages. To begin with, it has a small storage capacity of 500MB, which is meant for sending and receiving messages within a day. This platform is short in terms of structural tools; for instance, it is not equipped with labels, smart filters and folders. Even though this platform boasts of end-to-end encryption of the content, the negative bit about it is that the emails sent to other clients won’t be encrypted. For them to be encrypted, then you will have no option but to secure them by sending a message protected by a password.

What you need to get right about ProtonMail is that it is a specialist tool meant to be used alongside other service providers such as Gmail. This makes it right for us to say that the ProtonMail platform cannot replace Gmail, but it can be combined with it to give out much better results.

ProtonMail is the best service provider platform to use to maintain your privacy online. This is so because internet businesses such as Google, Facebook among others, work on the targeted advertising model. Such social media platforms do so in exchange for using free service providers such as Gmail. For you to ensure that such platforms do not access your data, then ProtonMail is the email service provider you should go for.

For us to conclude that this platform is secure for use to those looking at privacy factor then will have to go through ProtonMail review.

ProtonMail plans and pricing

This platform has got four pricing schemes that clients can choose from. The first pricing plan is free of charge. However, it comes with multiple limitations. It has a storage capacity of only 500MB, it can only accommodate around fifty messages per hour that translates to 150 messages per day, and it has twenty labels.

The second pricing plan is the ProtonMail Plus. This will cost you $5 a month and $48 annually. This scheme has a storage capacity of 5GB; in addition to this, one can attach a custom domain on wish. This plan comes with up to five extra addresses as well as two hundred labels. With this pricing plan, you can send three hundred messages in one hour, which translates to a thousand messages in a day.

The third pricing plan is the ProtonMail Professional for $8 per month or $75 in a year. This pricing plan is majorly suitable for small businesses. Each user in this scheme is entitled to a space of 5GB. The default users are allowed ten addresses, while five addresses are given to every additional user.

The fourth pricing plan is the ProtonMail Visionary. This goes for $30 in one month assigned up to 6 users. It comes with a storage capacity of twenty GB, ten custom domains as well as fifty extra addresses. The greatest advantage of this scheme is that you are allowed to pay a fixed price, so we to upgrade the number of custom domains you need. In the same way, you can also get extra email addresses as well as raise the storage capacity to acquire the one you are comfortable with. These features make this pricing scheme flexible, thus an effective one.

Proton mail features

ProtonMail has got several useful features; one of these is the obvious end-to-end encryption of emails contact data. ProtonMail enables one to set an autoresponder, generate a custom spam filter as well as run several email addresses in a single account. Another unique feature of email is its ability to automatically delete messages from the recipient’s inbox within a set period. This is important as it will allow you to get rid of send emails that can be self-destructive.

ProtonMail features a special app called ProtonMail Bridge; this application is used in encrypting emails entering or leaving your device. Upon installing this app on your device and setting it, you will be able to use your favourite email client. You will not have to worry about your emails being sent over the internet as they are completely encrypted.

ProtonMail Interface as well as in use

ProtonMail signing up requires one to feed the device with the email addresses they are using currently; phone numbers can as well be used. These details keyed in are used for registration purposes. The good thing about ProtonMail signing up is that it does not retain a hash of the particulars keyed in during registration.

ProtonMail has got one of the glossiest dashboards that can be found in a secure email service. Its modern box design will enable one to swap between column as well as row layouts. It will as well enable one to use custom themes, use conversation grouping and edit the toolbar. With the modern design, it will be possible for one to arrange the emails into folders as well as labels. You will also be in a position to use custom filters to consolidate your emails automatically.

ProtonMail support

This email service provider offers three support levels. The users who have opted for the free scheme are given limited support. Normal support is given to plus users, while priority support is granted to all the other users. To get in touch with the support team, you need to email them within the ProtonMail interface. You can as well send them a support query via Zendesk. The team will be able to respond within twenty-four hours.

ProtonMail security

When it comes to security issues, ProtonMail stands out to be one of the best email service providers. They use end-to-end, zero-access encryption for the security of the emails. This ensures that the emails are encrypted while in transit or when in the email server stores.

Yahoo Mail

Best Free Email Account Providers In 2021

Although Yahoo Mail service provider is not popular, currently, it still stands out as one of the latest versions. It is a polished and professional service that stands out among all the other competitive forums.

Yahoo Mail is designed to resemble Gmail. It offers a large view of the inbox. A click is enough to filter common messages as well as any other content. It offers a room for easy browsing of emails in a conversation. Several clicks will enable you to organize mails into custom folders as well as display message previews. Those using mobile phones can access extra features such as the option to unsubscribe to newsletters while still at the Yahoo Mail inbox.

This service provider encompasses a powerful core engine that is capable of integrating with Facebook and that supports the conveyance of SMS as well as text messages. The powerful engine can be accessed through the web, IMAP or at some instances at a POP. The unique bit about this platform is that it has got some additional valuables, such as the ability to dispose of email addresses to guard the user’s privacy. Yahoo Mail users enjoy a storage capacity of up to 1TB. With such a large storage capacity, it will mean that one can store almost everything they receive. The storage can as well be done for a very long period since you do not need to delete items to create more space.

One of the limitations with this platform is that; the organization of Mail is not as smart as the one of Gmail service providers. So, with this, you have to be ready to face several issues, such as the lack of numerous setting options as found in some other platforms.

Yahoo Mail is designed to have a business mail plan consisting of several features. For instance, this service is capable of importing contacts from other platforms such as Outlook, Facebook and Gmail, to name a few. Using Yahoo, you will be able to view almost all of your mailboxes on one screen.

The prices of this service commence at $3.19 mailbox in a month, which is billed annually. The cost will go down as you increase mailboxes. This platform also gives an alternative pricing scheme known as the Yahoo Mail Pro. This alternative plan goes for $3.49 per month. The plan comes with an ad-free inbox, priority customer support, among other more useful features.


This web interface has a similar style as its desktop manifestation. Its organization presents itself in such a way that the tools are on the left, the folder with current content at the centre, while the right side is occupied by the simple preview pane.

The toolbar will provide quick access to the basic features, while right-clicking folders and messages will present to you anything else you may require.

The unique bit with this service provider is that it can detect key emails then put them within a focused inbox. This will help in doing away with any possible sources of distractors. Outlook will make it easy for you to automatically add special events such as flights and dinner reservations into your calendar. This platform will also make it easy for you to share the calendar with other people using Outlook, the office 365 users or even include your events in the family where everybody can trace it. The platform as well offers some other interesting features, such as the ability to add polls to the Outlook emails directly.

This services provider offers excellent attachment support that involves the aptitude to share OneDrive files as copies or links. This platform will enable one to attach files straight from the Google Drive; Box accounts as well as dropbox. It also comes with a storage capacity of 15GB, thus enabling one to store many files from people.

Those who cannot stand service defaults have a chance for tweaking through Outlook’s special channel, Outlook. Com setting dialogue. Although this will not bring out multiple options as there is in Gmail service provider, it is well organized, and it offers several controls over layout, message handling, attachment rules, among other many more.

In case you need more, then Microsoft is there for you. It offers a bunch of app-based integrations to move the service to another level. Through this, you will have built-in Skype support through beta as well as applications that will offer you quick access to Uber, GIPHY, Yelp, Evernote and PayPal.

When you upgrade to Office 365, you qualify to enjoy an ad-free inbox. The upgrading will also see you get a storage space of 50GB as well as a vast 1TB space of OneDrive storage. More features include; tools for formatting professional messages, offline working, chat-based support and the ability to recover files from malicious attacks. You will also be in a position to access the latest versions of PowerPoint, Word and Excel. All the above stated comes to you at $7 in one month for a single user. The cost translates to $70 if done annually.


Best Free Email Account Providers In 2021

This a business-oriented service provider which gives an online office suite, a host of collaboration tools, document management, among others. Its free scheme accommodates up to twenty-five users. Making references to the service gives one more twenty-five users. Each user is entitled to a storage space of a 5GB mailbox that can be operated with one of your domains. The features in this platform can only be found in commercial products or the case when you consider spreadsheets, word processors, among other tools.

The email service in this platform is simple to use. It outlines a decent set of features to aid in organizing email’s, smart searches, folders, tags, filters, just to name a few. With this, it will be easy to come up with custom hotkeys that will help you expand as well as replace simple abbreviations you opt for with complete phrases or words while typing.

Zoho has a provision for an offline mode. The mode enables one read as well as respond to their emails even in a situation where they are not connected to the net. Another interesting thing with Zoho is that it has created an IMAP client that is useful in aiding one to configure, manage or even sync their email accounts through IMAP.

The limitation of the Zoho free plan is that; it only gives you only web access and does not support email forwarding. The good news about this is that Zoho has got a way of fixing it through the Zoho Standard plan. In this plan, $3 is remitted monthly allows you access to IMAP and POP. It will as well assure you of email forwarding, hosting of multiple domains, active synching, domain aliases, a storage capacity of 30GB, a 30MB attachment limit, among other many advancements.

 It should be noted that the 30MB attachment limit is an advancement from 25MB with the free plan. Some other key improvement that comes with Zoho Standard plan is the ability to convey cloud files to non-Zoho users.

Zoho has got another plan called Lite plan. This is cheaper compared to the Standard plan as you get $1 monthly per user. The $1 Lite plan has got fewer features. To solve these, there is another more expensive Lite plan that goes for $6 monthly per user; this comes with more advanced features.


This platform was popular in the late 1980s and probably early 1990s. The mention of the three letters was just great then. It should be noted that this platform still exists up to date; it is also a relevant platform in email service provision. This platform is most useful to people who only need to send and receive emails.

Why you should consider AOL.

 Its Mail has got unlimited storage space. It has an attachment limit of up to 25MB. It is designed with spam as well as a virus protection mechanism. It has other crucial features such as the spell-checker as well as filters that help its users in the sorting of incoming emails.

It is capable of supporting IMAP and POP protocols. This feature makes it possible for one to download emails into their device to be able to access them when offline. With this platform, you can customize folders to enable you to organize messages. The limitation with this feature in AOL is that it is not as advanced as found in Gmail or Outlook.

AOL panels enable you to stay organized; this is because as they contain quick links to the To-Do feature, a blog as well a calendar. It has a provision for reading pane mode that enables one to read messages while at the inbox as emails appear from the sides.

iCloud Mail

This platform will give you a free storage capacity of 5GB. It is not adequate; you can go ahead to purchase more storage space starting from $99 a month. Its interface is one of the greatest to use.

Why opt for iCloud Mail

This service provider does not contain advertisements, thus enables one to compose their emails conveniently. It is designed to have keyboard shortcuts that facilitate easy emailing. It is capable of filtering spam; in addition to this, it gives the user room to block the messages they don’t want. While using this platform, you can mark given senders as “VIP”, and such will be conveyed to special folders.


This is a judicious free email option as it provides a free storage space of up to 65GB as well as an attachment of 50GB.

Features of GMX

It has provisions for encryption options to enhance the privacy of your emails. In addition, it has built-in antivirus software as well as a spam filter to improve the security of your content. When using this platform, you will always receive notifications the moment you get new emails. This is made possible by the MailCheck extension for chrome.

Using GMX makes it possible for you to organize all emails in a common point. It gives you an option of customizing filter settings as it has an option for creating your own or using the one provided by GMX.

Bottom Line

This article has visited a good number of email account providers that are currently in use. Each of them comes with certain distinctive features. The features have been dissected to allow deciding on the one which meets your needs amicably.

Your choice for GMX in and not Gmail or AOL and not Yahoo Mail or iCloud Mail is dependent on you upon understanding their features as well as the purpose for you choosing either. For instance, AOL might sound old or outdated compared to Gmail; however it is the greatest for basic emailing functionality. This brings us to the conclusion that one’s choice will depend on many factors. Your choice is the best.