How to Please Partners With Project Management

Project Management

Technical expertise is just one aspect of project management. There is not a single thing a developer knows that isn’t also known by a significant portion of the industry. At the highest level, the skills and knowledge of development teams are more or less the same. What sets them apart is how they relate to their project partners.

Finding success in web development is a blend of technicality and personability. The sooner everyone understands that the better off the industry as a whole will become. Let’s begin by understanding how to give partners the options available to them.

Don’t Overload

It’s advisable to make your team proficient in as many development languages and systems as possible. This gives them the necessary flexibility to work with the system that best suits the needs of the project.

Presenting these options, along with their respective pros and cons, will however become a challenge for anyone listening. This is especially true for the decision makers, as they are pressured to choose between several options that they know nothing about.

Lay out each option as simply and as clearly as possible. Use examples and analogies to drive home the point of each one and don’t move on until you are certain they grasp at least the basics. Only after the whole discussion can you make a recommendation.

This reinforces your position as the subject matter expert and instills the client’s trust in your team’s abilities.

Don’t Neglect Communication

According to the business data collection platform The Manifest, trust and transparency are the hallmarks of successful project management. This can only be achieved through effective communication between parties.

While there are many ways to do this, in our experience, the most effective way to achieve this is through consistent documentation. Records of meetings, calls, and discussions will allow both parties to break down what needs doing, as well as serve as a backup to avoid all kinds of misunderstandings.

Our team put both of these rules to use in our latest project with a marketing agency. If reviews are anything to go by then we can safely assume that we did a good job with this partnership.

Project Management

Our team has gone to great lengths in order to cover both aspects of our industry. We consider ourselves the complete package which you can use for your next project. Contact us today and we can ensure that your plan will end in success.