How to Build Your Brand with Instagram         

How to Build Your Brand with Instagram

The Internet is a fast-growing tool that businesses take advantage of to thrive in the current market. As such, business administrators of online brands are continually looking for ways to boost profitability, which is a derivative of online activity. And through online marketers based on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others, an e-commerce venture can easily establish itself if everything is done right.

But what makes the Internet so useful? The Internet is used for advertising the products that you are going to put out for sale. It is also a major field that can upgrade your brand. Brand building through the Internet has become very popular nowadays, and it has proved to be quite effective. The Internet has so many platforms that can be used to raise your brand to your A-game.

Social media is one of the tools that is found on the Internet that can be quite useful to help your brand grow. And with social media as an advertising medium, most people access these social platforms and interact. Through this day to day interactions, people can exchange ideas, pitch information about a business and so on. It has an unlimited connection to people from around the globe and has made the world a global village. And aside from the mainstream giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, many different social media platforms are currently in existence. With that in mind, let’s look at how you can build your brand with Instagram.

How to Build Your Brand with Instagram

How Does Instagram Work?

Instagram works purposely for posting photos and videos of products that you may want to sell. You can also create a story and post it on your page. It also allows one to go live or host live video podcasts that can be used as a source of information to prospective clients. This is done by posting a real-time video of whatever you want to sell and as well offer insight into the functionality or availability of certain products.

When you post a picture or video, people can react to your post by either liking it or commenting in the comment section. After this, you should also know that the account has some basic computer algorithms that for you to see some peoples posts, you must follow them in their account. This is also applicable to you; for people to see your posts and get notified of what you do, they must follow you in your account. So, it is quite vital to get as many followers as possible.

Last but not least, it also has a section where you can send and receive messages; this is one of the most important ones because you can get feedback and orders through direct messages that are spoken.

There are several ways for you to build your brand via the Instagram platform. Building your brand name is very critical, and it should be done in a very professional way. The following are the methods that one can use:

One, using social media influencers, paying up for advertisement, buying an account, boosting your followers, hiring a cameraman or woman, hiring an account manager.

Using Social Media Influencers

Who are the so-called social media influencers? Social media influencers are people who have very large followings and audience on social media. So due to this fact, they have the power to influence what people see. They also have the power to convince their followers if something is good or not. Mostly you will find that they are the trendsetters.

 If something cool is being talked about in the streets, it is simply because a social media influencer posted it on his or her platform. So by hiring one or two social media, influencers is not a bad thing. This is because they will create a good name for the brand, and many people will get to know your brand name to increase the number of customers.

They have been used by very many different top brands, and it has worked for them. Why not try and see it for yourself?

Paying Up For Advertisements

An advertisement is a common tool for brand use on the Internet. You get pop-ups of adverts in the form of Ads everywhere you go. These advertisements are a way of influencing what people see and remember. You can use this to your advantage.

On Instagram, you can pay up the administrators to insert adverts on your page such that as people scroll, the Ads automatically pop-up, forcing viewers to click as they scroll. Once you make the payment, everywhere on the platforms, your brand will pop up. So whether or not a person likes it, he or she will get to know your brand. This trick has been very common. The pop up however nagging it is having been normalized, and now we are used to it.

Use of live stream and video

Live videos influence the liking and knowing of a certain commodity. Video and live videos help one to trust the commodity, forcing him to increase his trust and buy the commodity. Having your voice face and message on the Internet is highly profitable as many viewers will influence others to see the importance.

Live videos cannot be saved for future use. This will make viewers be punctual to view the video so that they cannot miss it. This has an advantage or disadvantage.

Live videos help one to share information widely. Viewers can also save videos on their phones for future use.

Interact with others

Commenting frequently on Instagram is a way of promoting interaction. This will make one increase their number of friends. This will increase the number of viewers as a good number of people you know will be able to view and see what is posted. You can also increase the number of viewers by the time you view their posts. The faster you view other people’s posts, the more you interact with them.

 The one who is new to Instagram will not be able to have a lot of viewers but can make efforts quickly to increase the number of viewers. You can also join the Instagram pod that helps one to gain more viewers quickly as going alone is slow. Illman is a good example of people who created a pod on Facebook. His pod hit within a short period of time.

Create a style pattern in your profile

By the use of Canva, creating a style pattern on Instagram is enjoyable. Illman says that his checkboard is getting a positive outcome.

By use of colours, you can present something that is attractive and is appealing to the eye. For example, you can create a team board of quotes on the checkboard pattern. This is quite attractive.

Another way of creating a style pattern is by changing your profile frequently. You can do it monthly. The use of different tips and patterns make it look different and fresh from the previous ones.      

Boosting The Number Of Followers That You Have

The more the number of followers to your account, the higher the number of people viewing your brand, hence the more influential you are online. This is basically the essence of building a brand.

Whenever you have many people following your brand, the idea is that you are authentic and trustworthy that people are ready to follow your lifestyle. For instance, if David Beckham posts an image wearing apparel from a certain brand, his followers will move to fund out which one it is. And they might purchase it. You can gain followers by;

  • buying more followers,
  • and persuading people in different areas to follow you up.

So, whichever way you choose or the method that satisfies you the most, it will help you a lot. In Instagram, the more your followers, the more credible your account is.

Posting Of Professional Pictures

How to Build Your Brand with Instagram

Advertisements need relevant pictures or videos for people to see what you are trying to sell to them. The Logos, too, which represents your brand, should be expressed in a photo form or video format. For you to do this, then you should hire a professional photographer to do this work for you. The photo man or photo woman will help you take very quality pictures for you. Quality pictures portray your brand as perfectly as your image.

 Quality pictures also show your brand is a serious one. So many people will like to associate with you. On the hand is you are a photographer yourself or have basic skills in photography, you can buy a camera or hire a camera for this purpose. It is efficient and will work as it attracts many people to be interested.

Getting An Account Manager

An account manager nowadays will keep your account very active by occasionally posting your products on the site. An active account will always be on the top search list bar and will also be trending. This will make your brand more and more popular. The more popular your account becomes, the more your brand grows along with it.

Even if it is slow, one manager should be employed to achieve your brand goals. When employing more than one manager, everyone will advertise in his own way. And this will make viewers to be confused in a way.

Getting Verified

Getting verified, it is being acknowledged as the rightful owner of the account. This is mostly for famous people and celebrities. Look at this, many people know a celebrity like Beyoncé, many people on the Internet can call themselves Beyoncé, so whom can you trust to be the real Beyoncé that everyone knows?

This is where getting verified comes in. Getting verified will help prove the real Beyoncé and the one who is not. For you also, this will come in handy to prove between the real you and the fake you. It helps your brand to grow more and more. But this will only work when your business is a little way more into the game. Either way, it will have your brand more on the market radar.

One can be verified when a tick appears on the profile picture of himself. This will make viewers be sure that it is the real you but not a nickname.

Creating An Instagram Bot

 A bot, to start with, is an automatic mechanism on the Internet that is programmed, is used to reply to messages or questions that a user may have in a certain area. Bots can be of different kinds. There are so many companies out there that can help you to program a bot that will be efficient and perfect for your brand.

For example, one can ask a question like ‘what is the name of your company?’ the bot can be programmed to answer these kinds of questions and so many more. You can use an Instagram bot to do these kinds of work even if you are offline. The Instagram bot will serve a great purpose and help you improve your brand to the next level of growth.

The use of bots is the quickest method as it produces answers to questions at a higher speed other than typing a single question.

The bottom line

 You have seen above some of the methods that we have indicated and discussed that will help you on your journey of brand growth. The essence of making a brand is to gain more following, and the essence of social media is to gain on the market and conversions. Social media platforms have evolved to more than the platforms where one gets to make social circles of friends and enjoy posting photos and videos. With brands competing for limited openings in the market.

The few methods we have discussed above will help you a great deal if you wish to catch up with the rest of the lot in the industry. These methods will give you a run for your money.