9 Incredible Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic In 2020

Increase Your Website Traffic

Every entrepreneur, regardless of the products they’re selling, is after more customers flooding his business. And even better when they can leverage their website traffic to convert more leads into sales. So, how can you increase your website traffic to get more clients?

Don’t worry! In this article, we have gathered incredible ways to get traffic to your website in 2020. Creating a website is super easy, but it isn’t easy to traffic your website.

If you have a website in front of you and are looking at it, all you have is simple landing pages, limited contact information,  and few products to sell. You might not be ready to start giving time to getting traffic to your blog. It’s not easy to dive the traffic to your blog; you need to make sure your website is designed correctly and is set up the right way with all your target market.

We can’t deny the fact:

World Wide Web is a magical box of opportunities!

Let’s continue with useful ways to increase website traffic:

Content creation & optimization

Start a blog(if you haven’t started)

The blog is a great way to publish priceless, informative, fresh and unique content, no matter which industry you belongs to. Users and search engines value it, which instantly leads to traffic growth.

Well-crafted and highly-engaging content is merely irresistible to readers. And the more excited your website visitors are, the more sales you’re going to make. You are also likely to win more referrals from new and existing clients.

Remember, the content you post on your blog should be updated accordingly to remain relevant.

Make catchy headlines

One of the best ways to generate traffic is to use attractive headlines which attract the readers. It also gives them an idea about what benefit they will get after clicking on the particular post. An article with a boring headline scares away readers. Regardless of how well-written and readable your article is, it’ll remain unread if it lacks an irresistible headline. Therefore, you should learn how to craft catchy headlines.

An excellent way of settling on an eye-catching headline is to write several of them and then assess one after another before you decide to go with one. So, above everything else, before you post or publish your content, ensure that you’ve thought out your headline carefully.

Republish old posts in a different way

You may use old posts which benefit you in the past. You can use them differently and more interestingly to get traffic. Repurposing old posts and making them up to date and relevant will also save you a lot of money should you have otherwise hired someone to create new content.

Educational Content

You can create educational content as well like, e-books, audiobooks, ultimate guides and tutorials. It will provide value to your audience.

Try Guest Blogging

Guest blogging works like magic to increase your website traffic to your blog and income.

Ask a reputable site to publish your log; it’s a great way to generate backlinks. You may request their teams to be interested in specific blog topics and agree to post active backlinks.

Always remember!

It’s necessary to offer unique content; it must not duplicate your existing one.

Video Marketing is a powerful

In a Cisco reportit’s cleared that video will account for 82% of traffic by 2020. Now without wasting your time, pay attention to video marketing. Please include it in your traffic boosting strategies. You can use it on a social media platform as well, which allow video publishing.

Use of both live videos and previously recorded videos on your website will attract more visitors and increase traffic. Videos are more engaging than written content is. Think about it! Where would you retain much information-written content or videos? The answer is obvious. Visual content is highly memorable than written.

Most importantly, caption all your videos. Videos that have subtitles are likely to be watched by a wider audience, and since they rank well in search engines, they’ll enhance your website SEO. 

Free webinar

Webinars are another great way to increase your website traffic. You can connect to thousands of influencers, and can engage in a live conversation.

Due to the spirit of continual learning in people, you can educate and inform your audience of your products and current trends using webinars. And even better when you combined webinars with aggressive social media promotion campaigns. This approach will increase traffic to your site dramatically.

What do you need to do?

To further increase chances of succeeding, send out personalized emails to your audience an eve to hosting the webinar to remind them to register. I’ll repeat. Send them an invitation before the event; do not forget to send the summary and presentation after the webinar. You can even promise special offers and bonus on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Use SEO Knowledge To Increase The Traffic

Keyword research

Keyword research is an essential and first step in SEO. Setting on the right keywords in your content will make your website rank very high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, et cetera, and the more traffic you’ll receive. Regularly publishing articles on your website will not worth it until you will do complete keyword research to rank on a search engine.

Researching a keyword is not a difficult part. According to your article, there are many tools available on Google to research keywords and websites to help you set and find keywords. Choosing the right keywords is much like selecting the right ingredients for your dish. The right ingredients will give you the right flavour and taste. Similarly, the right keywords will improve readability and enhance your website SEO.

Always use low competitive and high search keywords.

Google AdWords keyword planner is highly recommended.

Use long-tail keywords

What is a long-tail keyword?

‘Keyword made with three or more words is called a long-tail keyword.’

In actual, we recommend long-tail keyword as it helps Google to understand the post content.

It helps in increasing traffic of your website. They are highly targeted.

Benefits of using long-tail keywords:

  • Rank well in search engine results
  • Boost organic traffic
  • Good conversion rates
  • Low competition

On-Page SEO

Use the best strategies and practices for on-page SEO to drive organic search traffic.

It includes:

  • Meta titles, descriptions and keywords
  • Alt text for images
  • SEO friendly URL’s

Add internal links

You must provide an internal linking structure between your pages; it will automatically boost your website’s credibility for search engines. It also keeps your reader engaged in further reading.

High-quality Backlinks

Getting high-quality backlinks will give you referral traffic and will improve your position in organic search results.

Voice search optimization

In 2020 it’s estimated all the searches will be done through voices. You must be preparing for that to generate traffic to your website. For that, optimize your texts wisely so they could select for Google voice search. You can see more about how to optimize your website for Google voice research.

Improve local SEO

To increase your website traffic in 2020, you must pay attention to local search optimization. It’s almost related to voice search optimization mentioned earlier.

 Social Media is useful to increase your website traffic.

Social share buttons can do wonders.

Adding social media buttons to your website can bring traffic. You can add active and clickable Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn icons at the bottom of your website. By doing this, you can allow your customers to share your content on different social media platforms. For this, every content must-have social media buttons.

You must have a page on all social media.

Never underestimate social media platforms’ power—create a page of your company or business in all the popular ones. Social media networks also provide you with all the statistics about your audience and organic traffic.

Don’t have your business Facebook page yet? Or a Twitter or Instagram account? Either way, creating these accounts and pages on them is absolutely free. Don’t lose the traffic from social media.

Lastly, make sure you respond to all comments and questions asked professionally. The back and forth interactions with your audience on social media will definitely maintain a connection with them, and you’ll get traffic on your website.

Keep your social media accounts updated.

You must post regularly on social media accounts to keep your audience updated. Create interesting posts, polls, stories; images will make your account more authentic and interesting. Auto-posting tools can save time and help you to post on time.

Get the best of specific social networks:

  • Share illustrated content on Pinterest
  • Post beautiful images on Instagram
  • Post useful content on LinkedIn
  • Use’ click to tweet’ technique

Increase Your Website Traffic Through Technical Optimization

Fix and increase the loading speed of the website

Ever found yourself getting frustrated when trying to navigate a website because of slow loading speed? I’m no exception. If your website is taking a lot of time loading a page, Google will not be your site high in search results. The reason behind it is google also consider loading speed in ranking any website. You must pay attention to it.

A website that’s sleek in loading pages will save your visitors a lot of waiting time. People do not like to visit a slow loading site, and never pay the visit again. Due to the quick exit, the website’s bounce rate increases. Google never consider it good.

 Amazing tips to increase loading speed:

Transfer From HTTPS To HTTP

Another important factor which Google consider in website ranking is HTTPS. The website in which HTTPS is enabled is more likely to rank than other sites.

Better rank is equal to more traffic. If you are a Google Chrome user, they started showing websites unsafe which still use HTTP. As a result, when the user sees this message, he quickly exits the site, affecting its ranking.

Mobile-Friendly Website

In this digital world, the use of mobiles has increased, due to this increase, it completely dominated the desktop research. Google use this factor in ranking to improve mobile user experience. Google will automatically reduce your website ranking for mobile research.

Your website developers need to work on customizing your website for easier functioning on mobile devices. Otherwise, readability of your content might be adversely affected, and you might lose website traffic dramatically.

To check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not, you can take help from Google Mobile testing tool. If you find that your website is not mobile-friendly, you can download it.

Extend The DA Of Your Site

Domain authority (DA) is a metric created by Moz, representing your site’s status.

Higher domain authority= Higher rank in Google

DA is base on scale 1 to 100. You can check yours through DA Moz’s free tool.

Amazing tips to increase DA

  • Post-high-quality content
  • Let your domain be old.
  • Good internal linking
  • High-quality backlinks
  • On-page SEO plays a vital role.

Purchase Good Web Hosting

If you get poor website hosting, it will affect WordPress SEO and website traffic. To get more traffic on your website, purchase good web hosting. Excellent web hosting will ensure your site can be accessed by anybody anywhere in the world.

Web hosting includes shared, reseller, Virtual Dedicated Server, managed, cloud hosting, et cetera. Therefore, you need to take your website’s needs into consideration before settling on the most appropriate web hosting service.

Connect With Q&A Websites

You can join these sites, after joining these sites do not only add a link of your website but also write the detailed answer to that question. It will leave a good impact on other users as well.

Following are the best Q&A sites:

  • Amazon Askville
  • Yahoo answers
  • Quora
  • Linkedin answers
  • Superuser
  • Com

The bottom line

In conclusion, every business owner wishes for increased sales of their product, and this can be achieved faster by enhancing website traffic. Some of the strategies that will help improve your website traffic exponentially include, exploiting social media, crafting high engaging content, settling on irresistible headlines, working on your On-Page SEO, choosing the right keywords, et cetera.

Give us the chance to increase your website traffic

These are very few ways we have a lot more for you; we can help you implement it to get more ranking and increase website traffic.

Contact our digital team, which has web developersweb designers and SEO experts. Your goals are within our reach!