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RSelectro-Tech came to Utopia Web Design to see if we could provide them with a unique website design which can illustrate the two divisions of the business. This was extremely important to the client as they didn’t want to confusion potential customers with information they wasn’t interested in. This is caused as both divisions within the company deal with completely different services.

Therefore here at Utopia Web Designs we proposed a web design which elvolved around the homepage bring up a landing page which required the user to specify which division if RSelectro-Tech they wanted to enter. This would then take them to the correct division allow the design of each area being specific to the target market. On the one division area we needed to include an Ecommerce store which we achieved along with integrating the required payment gateways.

Another challenge we had to incorporate into our design was the requirement for a secure customer login area which would give the company a safe way to provide customers with files to download. We achieved all the required specifications RSelectro-Tech requested in the short time frame.


  • Dual Website
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Ecommerce Online Store
  • Easy but Comprehensive Navigation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Payment Integration
  • Customer Secure Download Area
  • Contact Forms
RSelectro-Tech Ltd
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Excellent, I would definitely recommend this company to anyone wanting a new website. Communication throughout the project was great and everything was delivered on time!

Richard Smith, RSelectro-Tech Ltd