7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Small Business Needs a Website

We are living in a digital era where consumer behaviour has changed. The internet, coupled with other retail technologies, have evolved. Today, millions of people use the internet, which is suitable for online businesses. Regardless, recent research from The SCORE Association revealed that 97% of consumers do online searches on products and services before making purchases. Despite that, only 51% of small businesses own websites.

Furthermore, a 2017 research by Adaptive Marketing found that 97% of consumers did online searches for local businesses near them. That said, what exactly do those figures indicate? Well, if you are a small business owner, there is a lot you are missing by relying on your brick and mortar operations. Therefore, if you really want to grow your small business, you should have a website.

Besides, marketing administrators for large business corporations assert that however small your business is, failure to have an online presence can be catastrophic. This is because there is a likelihood you are missing huge populations out there that could otherwise be shopping at your store. In this article, I have compiled seven reasons why your business needs a website.

Your Customers Expect It, Nonetheless

Six out of ten consumers expect brands to provide online content about their business on some form of digital property, and more than half head straight to the brand’s website for product information. This is the reality of the current digital environment and is an excellent reason why your Small Business Needs a Website.

The digital era customers are tech-savvy, and they almost always expect your brand to have a website. It’s the cliché, whether or not you want it. A business website has limitless useful possibilities from promoting products and increasing your brand’s recall value to targeting audiences. Your customers have needs, whether it is day or night, and this is what your business website should offer, which is a 24-hour online presence for easy access by your customers.

It Provides Social Proof

Another good reason your Small Business Needs a Website is that Ninety per cent of consumers claim that online reviews influence their buying decisions. Besides, as long as your products get 5-star reviews on product review sites, clients are inclined to make more visits to your website. You could rely on FourSquare, Yelp, and other review sites to host reviews for your brand, but you can kill two birds with one stone on your website.

You Control the Narrative

Indeed, you cannot control what others say about you on social media channels, so that’s another good reason your Small Business Needs a Website. But you can influence public perception by creating your own story via a business website.

As opposed to print media or mail brochures, you can spread your business mission and vision through your website. as such, customers are likely to identify with what is on your site and not the naysayers.

Your Competitors Have Websites

Small Business Needs a Website

Studies show that once consumers have an idea of what they need or want before they start researching, and 72 per cent of them go online to find educational material, reviews, and testimonials.

So, if you’re not staying competitive with your competition, you’re giving shoppers a reason to buy from another brand. Furthermore, a study by SEOTribunal indicated that over 6 billion searches are done on Google every daily, which translates to at least 70,000 searches per second at any given time. With that number of searches, you never know. But if you have a website, you will be somewhat pitted with your competitors. There could be somebody searching for the same product that you are offering. And if your business doesn’t have a website, who do you think will get that traffic? Your competitors will.

Never Be ‘Closed for Business’ Again

Nobody wants to work at 3 a.m., but some people like to shop then, which is why your Small Business Needs a Website. Having a business website or eCommerce store means that you can sell products all the time — not only between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Overall, this is the main reason a business would want a website; ease of accessibility. In terms of consumer needs, you wouldn’t tell when consumers would want to purchase their needs. As such, a business website would ensure that you are available 24/7, night or day. This means that people can continually make purchases even if their physical stores are closed during the night.

This should be enough reason for you to create a custom website for your business. There is nothing more an entrepreneur wants than reaching out to customers seamlessly and conveniently. Similarly, customers love the convenience of reaching out for products and services. This is what a business website can offer your business.

A website will give credibility to your business.

Millions of people have access to the internet the world over. So, whether it is local or international markets, you should have a professional business website if you need people to take your brand seriously. In our world today, more than 60% of smartphone users have access to the internet. As such, they are likely to do more and spend much time on the internet searching for products and services. Hence, not having a business website is reminiscent of not existing in the current online business realm.

It is easier to do targeted marketing through a website.

Small Business Needs a Website

With a website, you can use performance metrics to see how well your business is doing. And besides getting more customers, it is possible to track the following metrics:

  • The number of users who have visited your site.
  • Users who have been to your site only once.
  • The average time site visitors spend per session when they visit your website.
  • The number of times your site pages have been visited.

All the aforementioned performance metrics can help you figure out the people to target in your marketing strategies. You can tell what pages and what kind of content your customers come to see most on your site. This will help you make informed decisions on prioritizing your site to ensure your regular and new customers keep visiting your site.

You have to find customers.

Verisign’s 2019 research indicated that more than 85% of small and medium-sized enterprises in the U.S. created a business website with the sole purpose of having easier access to customers. With the consumer behaviours shifting constantly, most search up products and services from online directories before making purchases. As such, the website will play an essential role in helping customers find and learn about your business.

Furthermore, the profitability of your business rests solely on your ability to bring in customers. For that reason, having a website will give you an upper hand in accessing customers because of your online business presence. Thus, a small business with a website has a great possibility of reaching out to more customers.

Show Up in Google Search Results

Eighty-one per cent of consumers perform online research before making a purchase. That means they go to Google and type in one or more keywords. If you don’t have a website for your business, the chances of showing up on the search engine results page (SERP) are zero.

The key to having your site rank favourably on Google is having a well maintained and optimized SEO. That said, if you have a site with an optimized SEO, you will appear in the top searches on Google. Besides, folks who search with keywords related to your site business are likely to find your page. With all that considered, having a business will be beneficial to you in the long-run.

Showcase Your Products & Services

Not only can you display your products or outline your services in detail with beautiful images, but you can provide short video tutorials or downloadable PDF instructions to give hesitant customers no reason to go elsewhere to purchase.

With a website, you already have the initial interaction interface of your brand with prospective customers. With the control you have over your website, you can choose what to showcase on your display. Besides, customers are likely to spend time on your website, educating themselves before making informed decisions.

Small Business Needs a Website

The bottom line

Still, wondering why your small business should have a custom website? The main reason you should have an online presence on Google or Bing is that consumer behaviour has changed drastically over time. That is attributed to the advancement in technology, especially in this digital era. Currently, over 90% of consumers search up online for products and services before making purchases. So, to stay abreast with the competition and your competitors, the importance of a business website can’t be overemphasized.