It takes forever to load

Our shortening attention spans are not just making us check our phones several hundred times per day; they’re also making us really impatient when it comes to waiting for websites to load. This could defiently be the reason why visitors hate your website and is worth you investing time and money in solving. After all if it takes to long to load, the visitor will just go elsewhere.

According to a KISSmetrics report, 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, and 40% abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Even a one-second delay decreases customer satisfaction by about 16%.

10 Reasons Visitors Hate Your Website

It isn’t optimised for mobile

When browsing the internet on a mobile phone, have you ever been forced to scroll from side-to-side to read copy on a website? Or have you had to pinch-to-zoom because the words or buttons on a page were way too small? These are all examples of the painful UX people can have on websites that aren’t optimized for mobile.

It offers poor navigation

When someone lands on your site, do they know what to do? Where to go? What their next steps should be? Include clear copy that explains the value of what you do, and a clear primary call-to-action that shows Visitors how to take the next steps. If they can’t correctly navigate your website this could be why visitors hate your website.

It contains content that autoplay

If someone’s enjoying what they thought was a silent browsing session and they’re bombarded with your theme song or a talking head on a video for which they didn’t press “play’ especially if they can’t find the button for “stop” — what do you think they’re going to Do?

It contains keyword-stuffed copy

Remember back in the early 2000s when you went to a website and saw paragraphs and paragraphs of copy? Aside from being visually overwhelming, Marketplace Digital Indonesia if you read that copy you’d find nothing more than a bunch of keywords meant for crawlers, not humans.

Typos and poor grammar

Typos and poor grammar do not send the right signals to the Visitor. There are literally no excuses. This is about attention to detail, as much as anything. If you’re not bothered about that kind of thing then what kind of message does it give out?

Rubbish fonts

You’re using Times New Roman? Really? It’s ugly. Still, at least it isn’t Comic Sans, no right-minded person would leave a website purely based on font aesthetics, but lame fonts can give off the impression that you’re not trying hard enough.

Too many Google Ads

Trying to monetise your site is perfectly fine, but covering the entire homepage with Google ads is not going to make you successful.

Lack of Contact Info

Visible contact info is something that allows the website visitors to feel warm and fuzzy in order to make further contact with your company.

It doesn’t have a blog

If you don’t have a blog, you’re missing out an opportunity to provide your visitors with a ton of valuable information. These days, consumers are empowered to perform in-depth company research on their own before ever contacting a salesperson. Situs Freelancer Indonesia If they find answers to their common questions in articles on your company’s blog, they’re much more likely to come into the sales process trusting what you have to say because you’ve helped them in the past.

Visitors Hate Your Website?

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