Covid 19 Coronavirus – How a business website can save your business

The coronavirus pandemic is unlike any other crisis anyone has seen in a long time. From healthcare, education, and commerce, Covid-19 has already hit all spheres of our lives. Worse still, experts are unsure of when the pandemic is going to end. As such, it would be best for business owners to buckle down, reassess their business strategies, and make relevant changes to weather the storm.

We have seen businesses take the biggest hit in particular. That has been prompted by local, countrywide or regional lockdowns that have been imposed haphazardly time and again. But the real question is, how can your business adapt to this and keep serving customers despite the temporary shutdowns? Having a business website is paramount during this time. It is probably the best bet to save your business. Besides, how many times have you said to yourself, “I can’t wait for things to get back to normal?” Shifting your business to an online platform might seem like a big challenge. But with Covid-19, it has gone from being a great idea to something you have to do.

With a business website, you can still facilitate takeout, pickup service, delivery, or drive-up. Besides, we have seen fitness experts, tutors, and yoga experts offer online classes. The need to shift your business to e-commerce couldn’t be more imperative. According to the U.S Chamber of Commerce, most community hotspots and local retail venues have shut their doors, with 23% reporting temporary closures. This article shall present a detailed guide on how a business website can save your business amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A website has 24/7 access to customers

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When you design a website for your business, the priority target is your customers. Having a business website helps customers understand your business and the products you offer. Furthermore, clients can reach out to you at all times, even during the night. That’s unlike most businesses that are limited to physical outlets.

A business website helps resolve customers’ curiosity, thereby making it easier for them to conduct you. Remember that the coronavirus pandemic has effectively cut short the number f customers who can physically come and get products and services from your store. That has been made possible because of measures that curb the coronavirus like social distancing and complete shutdowns. But through your website, existing customers already know your business, and therefore, they can easily place orders and get them delivered. As such, you might be able to save your business.

Moreover, it is pretty universal that customers want convenience. The more convenient it is for customers to make purchases, the likely they are to make repeated purchases. That is where a business website comes in handy. With a website, your customers can visit your online platform from the convenience of a desktop at home and make purchases.

E-commerce platforms are set up for convenience. As such, customers can make inquiries and get responses in real-time; plus, if your website is fully optimized, you will appear on top of search engines. That will put you as a top vendor, which serves to earn you more customers. The bottom line is, shifting your business to an online platform will help weather the storm during the Covid-19 crisis. It is a way to bypass the lockdown restrictions and still save your business by having access to customers online.

A business website doubles up as an advertising option.

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Unlike other advertising options like print marketing, online marketing will serve you like a double-edged sword. Firstly, you will have guaranteed access to clients. Secondly, you will use your website as an online mode of advertisement. It is pretty cost-effective, and you are still able to reach a wider audience.

 Furthermore, if you see to it that your website gets an excellent SEO performance, then you have an excellent option for advertisement at hand. If that is the case, you may send backlinks to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Overall, a website with an SEO with a good performing SEO has an effective social media integration. Therefore, you can use your website to generate an influx of customers, and you will achieve that without spending too much.

A website is essential for your business visibility.

The coronavirus has shut shop to many businesses. However, for temporarily up and running, the influx of customers has taken a tremendous hit. This only accounts for losses, which is a significant risk factor for any business.

Now, for a business with a physical store, location is what matters to a customer. Therefore, the location of your store should be set up on a busy street to have any chance of traffic and exposure. On the contrary, countless businesses offer goods and services to customers who have never set foot in their physical stores or locations. Why is that possible? That owes to the fact that these businesses have an online presence through their websites.

The following are steps that can be taken to enhance your business visibility:

  • Optimize your website using the best SEO practices to have your webpage rank higher.
  • Use a website builder to make your online presence as an e-commerce store concrete.

With a business website, you have the potential to reach out to millions of customers. Therefore, to serve online shoppers, you can set up an online store through your website. However, a business without a website wouldn’t reach out to the billions of internet users all over the globe. Moreover, research indicates that 75% to 80% of consumers look out for businesses online before purchasing goods and services. That said, if your business does not have a website, the implication is that you do not exist.

Websites can be used to optimize lead generation.

With a website, you have the added advantage of optimizing lead generation for your business. With the pandemic, sales administrators of online brands are continually grappling with enhancing business profitability. Profitability for online brands is a derivative of their activities on their website to generate more leads. To generate qualified leads that can save your business, consider doing the following to your website:

  • Ensure you embed social media buttons on your website’s landing page.
  • Make use of reward-based referral systems.
  • Make use of live chats on your website.
  • List your website with Online Directories.

A website can offer the best online customer service for your business.

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Taking care of customer queries in this era of Covid-19 has had its fair share of challenges. Even businesses that managed to keep running during this pandemic have had restrictions on the number of customers who can enter physical stores at a time. The social distancing measure has had the number significantly reduced. That means that fewer customer queries are being handled per unit time.

With a business website, you can ensure that your customers are satisfactorily taken care of by setting up an online customer service. You can do that by incorporating FAQs on your website. This feature can regularly serve to inform customers of queries that are asked often. By doing so, you will have perhaps taken care of half your task.

Unlike having customer care service at your physical store, online service is cost-effective. You wouldn’t have to hire as many personnel as you would with a physical store. Besides minimizing the costs involved in customer service, you can achieve the best customer satisfaction with online service. That is because customers value instant feedback to their queries. That said, you can manage to achieve that with a business website.

Furthermore, this is a digital world we live in. as such, most shoppers are willing and equipped t make online purchases. That, coupled with the coronavirus pandemic and its measures, has minimized a physical store’s importance. Therefore, it would be best to ensure that as much as you still have a physical store, make sure you provide most of your services through the business website.

You can make use of your website for targeted marketing.

With a website, reaching out to a specific audience will be possible. You can develop strategies that focus on a particular audience, just as long as you believe it is the best way to generate leads. If you feel that a targeted audience will lead to more sales and less traffic, you can achieve that with a website.

Overall, using a business website is a perfect way to garner more customers beyond using your physical store’s location. Of course, you would want to have a targeted audience to compromise on traffic for higher revenue. But at the end of the day, what your business needs in these challenging times of the pandemic is to stay afloat. That is what a business website can facilitate for you.

With a website, you can share your business history and vision for the future.

The one edge you have over your competitors by having a business website is the platform to express your achievements. You can indicate how you got started, what you have accomplished since then, and what you intend to do in the future of your business.

A website will let you discuss how long you have been in the industry and what you have contributed to that time. By talking about your products and how you intend to diversify going forward, you are merely showing ambition and confidence in your vision. As such, customers will know that you are in your line of industry for the long-term. Besides, it can be an excellent platform to attract funding from like-minded investors.

Remember that most of your worthy competitors are already online.

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Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have had to drastically reconsider how to carry on with business. Don’t fret, though. The good news is that with an ounce of creativity, coupled with the diversity of the internet, your business can still thrive. Businesses are looking to adjust to what the future holds with the coronavirus pandemic.

If you are looking to establish yourself in the line of products your business operates in, then your best bet is that a website is necessary. That is because all your competitors probably have an online presence. Think about it for a moment. All the biggest names in the business, no matter what that is, have online platforms.

Look up online for your competitors and peep at what they are doing. Chances are you will find something they are doing that you can capitalize on and even do better. From their website designs and average site loading times to their search engine optimizations, you can make your website more attractive to customers. Besides, you can employ marketing strategies that your competitors don’t use. That could be what gives you an edge over your competitors.

Having a business website isn’t all you have to do. There are tricks you apply to become competitive. However, not having a business website at all pits you as the chasing pack. This era of coronavirus pandemic needs business owners to be proactive in the way they carry out operations. Failure to do that, you will be at the back of the pack.

A business website can attract a top-notch workforce for your company.

Aside from merely drawing in customers, a website can do much more. In today’s workforce pool, would-be employees will want to check out your business website before placing a job application. The idea is t check what you offer so that they can compare apple to apple with other companies.

Job seekers care about the nature of the company or business set up they might be working for. From human resources and salaries to the working environment, be sure that top talent job seekers search up these possibilities on a website before applying for a post. Therefore, be sure that bright talents would tend to apply in companies that express a modern vision and continually improve on all fronts. That said, a business without a website has n chance of attracting top talents to their workforce.

A business website makes content marketing easy

That is a way of displaying all the range of products that your business produces across all channels. Whereas this is possible through social media platforms, it is much easier to carry out content marketing through your site, and that’s freeing up your budget. Besides, online shoppers are likely to trust the content that is directly accessible through your website.

Additionally, you can keep your customers up to date with the business’s latest developments by running podcasts or blogs on your website. As such, you will make your customers have more trust in your brand. Therefore, start by understanding what products from your business that customers are engaging with most and then write content about them. That will double up as a form of marketing too.

Use your website, and don’t dwell on social media advertising.

One misconception that people have is that as long as we have social media platforms, there is no need to update and advertise through their website. Social media platforms are overwhelmed. Facebook alone has over 40 million business pages. That said, you need to go the extra mile to have your page shown to Facebook users.

Social media sites are the most advertising channels in the world. As such, knowing how to do your targeted advertising on social media can do magic to your business. But that does not pre-empty the need to optimize your website performance. According to Social Media Today (SMT), close to 70% of all online marketers garnered new customers from Facebook alone. Therefore, supplement social media advertising with your business website to optimize leads.

Other ways a website can save your business during the coronavirus pandemic

Covid 19 Coronavirus - How a business website can save your business 5

Using your website to run your business in such a crisis has prime advantages, namely:

  • A website guarantees you, multiple customers. Whereas in a physical store, a customer can be a one-time option, a website has a far-reaching capability to bring more customers to your business, especially during lockdowns.
  • A website makes you available to handle the needs of customers during the day and night. That is an added edge because you offer convenience to customers, which is an important factor influencing their will to make a purchase.
  • With a website, you can get both outbound links and backlinks that are essential for viral advertising. With links, you have a limitless audience because they can be easily shared from one platform to another.

The bottom line

If you get the Covid-19 pandemic out of the picture, you realize that having your business presence online is considered an essential element of advertising and progress in today’s business world. Now with the coronavirus, the need for a business website can’t be overstated.

Overall, having a business website and the lack of it all can be looked at from two angles; thriving and chasing the pack, respectively. The number of customers your business was accustomed to through the storefront has reduced exponentially because of Covid-19. But that is not the end of the road. You can still save your business with a website, online platform, or an online store.

Minimize overdependence on social media advertising and focus on building the identity of your business through your website. There are limitless techniques available through the internet that you can use to have your business running post-Covid-19.