How to create cool website designs without sacrificing usability

create cool website designs

Websites are the hub of proper expression of skills and business ventures. People who use proper websites benefit a lot, therefore the need to understand different concepts. Therefore, this article will navigate the essential issues that will help you in creating effective web designs and how to use them. You do not need to worry about proper ways of creating platforms without sacrificing its usability. We will look at the most effective ways of making great websites and how to use them.

The simpler, the better

How do you think your clients and visitors will feel about a simple website? It is the reason why you should ensure simple terms and designs for everybody to access. You should highlight important issues clearly on top of your website introduction so that everybody can access. Do not use complicated graphics for your design because people like a straight forward concept.

If the website belongs to a company, it is advisable to highlight its idea simply, therefore use recommended methods to make things right with your website.

Use a minimalist homepage.

Some of us never read everything on a page because we level down to what we need. Isn’t it essential to save time on web pages and use cheap and time-saving methods to access information? The simpler, the better for any web user. Clients like straight forward information that will help them when they need it.

Every design team should focus on client satisfaction, and it cannot be achieved by having too much information. It is a great thing to understand the physiological concept of people and how they think. Therefore a good designer will focus on submitting the needed information without exaggerating facts.

The font should make sense.

You do not know the type of clients on your website, and it is why you should use a reasonable font on every project. Some people do not like straining on one thing since it may cause enough trouble in their research. If a client has trouble reading small fonts, they will log out of your site, leading to declined engagements. Customer relation is the key thing to consider before forming any site, therefore be sure that your clients will be satisfied with your work.

Ensure that every text is properly arranged and easy to read. Other people are fast readers, and fragile fonts will discourage them from engaging in your work. The necessary font on your work should range from eleven to twelve. However, it should not be extra-large because it will make your work look ridiculous.

If it is a website that deals with science concepts, it should use font eleven; therefore, consider proper facts before embarking on any web venture.

How do you navigate?

Navigation is the key to every website since it bears the important part of your site. People appreciate this part so much; therefore, keep things simple and clear. It is the reason for the existence of your web, therefore capture everything in simple but clear words. Designers that underestimate the purpose of effective navigation make poor site structures.

A great example is when the platform is about sports, mention the purpose of it and the process of playing. If you include unnecessary information about the sport, people will lose interest and withdraw from reading. Short navigation ranks your website at a higher place as a site that captures better information. Wouldn’t you like a website that covers all your answers in one sentence? It is the essence of any site to fulfil client satisfaction.

How to arrange your visual concepts

Arranging visual elements is known as a visual hierarchy. If you place pictures, icons, the contrast of colours and white space correctly, you will make a cool website. However, it is good to understand that pictures should be consistent with the theme of the website.

It is completely out of place to place football pictures on a basketball website. Visual elements speak a lot about a website, and it may be enough by looking through it. However, the pictures should match the size of the website because it would not make sense to insert larger files in unfit places.

create cool website designs
blue devices top view creative website builder 3d rendering.

The colour of such images should align with the background of the site to enhance consistency. It is a great thing to choose colours that appeal and suit your site. You cannot use a red image in a hospital site since it represents death contrary to the vision of the hospital. It means you can only use purple and pink since it stands for peace, and it appeals to sick people that everything will be alright. Do not use images that can arise scandals because it will create a poor image for your site. Images that are unpaid for will make things hard while advertising and interacting with clients and it will also delay operation time for the site. If you arrange everything perfectly, your platform will be the hub of greatness and proper operations.

Compartmentalize the designs

Balancing your work using well-placed grids will create a nice design that will attract the attention of users. Good horizontal and vertical placements help in making good designs that create great placements in your creation.

If you use the popular rule of thirds, it will elevate the power of your creation; therefore, you won’t worry about the public image of your establishment. It is great to employ qualified designers to make your website great.

How to use images and proper illustrations

Google experts advise that it is okay to use stock photos if you do not have professional photos. However, stock photos should be paid for if they do not belong to you. You should check the consistency of the pictures to what your clients need to relate with.

Photos play an important role for non-readers since it displays the correct information they need to know. However, there is a solution to every problem, and it lies in looking. You can create your own images that appeal effectively to your market outlet.

If you deal with beauty and cosmetics, you should ensure that the photos used are not controversial and obscene. You should not go against government rules on website designs and the type of material to show. Sometimes, children access such websites, and it is your duty to post images that will not corrupt their thought system. However, the aim of such initiatives is to be a perfect role model for upcoming generations.

It is important to be creative with the kind of photos to use in your design. If you use beautiful people, it will attract more individuals to believe in your adventure.

Look out for the fold.

The fold is like a call for action to your clients, and it will determine a lot on how your site will be visited. You should ensure that all the relevant information is captured because it is the first thing one sees after logging in to your site. Before a customer explores too much, the first thing to look at is the fold and what it captures because it will sell the theme of your company to potential dealers.

Ensure that your headline and any call to action is captured correctly in the details because it will direct people on how your establishment operates. Every great website uses an important fold, therefore invest heavily on the correct structures.

Companies with improper folds confuse their clients on the kind of operations they deal with. It is a great thing to employ qualified designers because they will make things great for you. The headline should be consistent with the information provided in the body of the site.

Make use of pictures with people.

Isn’t it appealing to use beautiful faces on your website? Any typical website will use cute pictures to attract people. Good looking faces is the greatest tool for advertising a website, and it will attract a variety of clients globally. Hospital websites should paste cute photos of nurses in blue gowns, and it will make perfect sense.

The reason for using people is to create the relation between the website and recipients, therefore fulfilling a great physiological aspect in mind marketing. You can use photos of children playing in advertising fun centres sites. If you implement improper pictures, it will make your website lag behind.

Use ads well

It is either you use good ads or don’t use at all. Ads are an income-generating source for your site; therefore, place them effectively without misusing. Sometimes, the ads are inconsistent with the site and are placed in the incorrect places.

It blocks clients from reading content on your site. It also bores people if you spread ads allover inconsistently and makes them derail from visiting your site. You should also be careful on scam ads since it may mislead people to the incorrect places, therefore causing problems. It may lead to pulling down the site or getting countless suits from people you don’t know.

How do you receive mobile optimization?

More than 61% of mobile users do not return to websites once they access it. You should post interesting information that will capture the attention of many mobile users and maintain them. A quick glimpse at entertainment websites will give you enough statistics on why people consistently visit them. It is because of the type of things they feed people. Pay attention to quality strategies that will maintain visitors on your site.

What is the load speed?

We live in a fast world that requires speedy measures. It is important to determine the amount of speed you use to upload information. Speed ensures effectiveness and many clients need information once they access it. People are impatient with slow websites because it relaxes their urge to get information.

Improve on your site by using caches and speedy connections to avoid unnecessary embarrassments. It is a great thing for people to access information immediately they need it. Read online articles that will improve your knowledge of the correct ways to make your site quick.


It would be bad if you make a website and leave out the contact information. Make sure that the information is up to date to avoid improper confusion. The information should be easily accessed to make everyone use it.

It is boring for a client to struggle to locate the information that should be readily available. Inaccessible information leads to a loss of visitors to your site, therefore make great information for your success. Customers need to reach you urgently; therefore, do not deny them the joy. You should provide information on how you can be reached, and it will help clients trace you effectively.

It is essential if your site is interactive, therefore install every necessary information.


There is always room for improvement. It comes by doing extensive research on how to add value to your work; therefore, do not relax on your quest to find effective structures to make things better. Innovative minds are always on the run for improving their work.

Feedback data will help you correct mistakes you may have made in the course of operation. Successful websites improve with time because of customer feedback and action upon such information. Do not only fantasize on the perfect website but act on it too.


Cool websites are a result of combined efforts from designers and executive owners. Great ideas are always invested in any successful venture; therefore, do not underestimate the power of creative minds. You can create a cool website without necessarily having to sacrifice on workability. This has been illustrated above.