How To Customise Your WordPress Website

Customise Your WordPress Website

Numerous WP users fail to notice the power of WordPress. But this article is here to inspire on ways for discovering new tools and techniques that will work wonders in customizing your website. For instance, you’ll understand how to personalize your content, adjust the admin dashboard, and brand your site. We’re going to discuss various tactics that are great for changing your WordPress to fit your desires. Let’s continue reading to learn more.

WordPress website customization

Customise Your WordPress Website

Change the theme

Theme changing is among the quickest ways to dramatically have your site look different. If you switch to a new theme, your site’s design will instantly have everything changed. However, here comes the issue: Did you know that WordPress contains over 10,000 themes? Yes, and that makes it confusing. Many people express how it takes them days browsing and reviewing the themes. You’ll see tweets and posts talking of how someone looked at hundreds of themes and finally decided on copying from someone else. 

Customise Your WordPress Website

Choose a static homepage.

Consider this main tip; All WordPress sites should apply a static homepage use. That means even bloggers should do the same. Don’t be surprised that you can make more cash from your website apart from simply listing your recent posts. A good example is having your homepage build more followers through an opt-in email form. Again, it’d promote `some of your posts rather than merely displaying new posts. You can easily have this change using the WordPress dashboard.

Making a custom homepage

Elementor is a wonderful tool for creating a custom homepage. We can describe Elementor as a page builder plugin that’s used entirely for page customization. Simply go to the plugins menu and install Elementor after its download from WordPress. Once Elementor is available, go to any page and launch the editor by a click on the edit with Elementor button. The screen’s left corner has an area for different widgets used for dragging and dropping into your file’s content part. Therefore, you can customize the page by adding the widgets you wish to have. Notice that each contains customizable choices. You also realize that customizing by adding the widgets one after the other gives too much work and consumes time. Fortunately, Elementor helps drop into whichever page using its stylish pre-made blocks.

Pick a different font.

Your website’s character is highly impacted by the font chosen. It’s the reason you might be upset if you fail to pick your font. Well, assuming that your theme lacks custom fonts, start by downloading and installing Google font typography plugin. Doing that enables access to the fonts’ library. Many people prefer using Google Fonts in their themes. After installing the plugin, there’s a new customizer that allows faster font switching.

Allow infinite scroll

Rarely do people access pagination links found at a blog’s bottom area. That’s why you should enable the infinite scroll to help move down a page as posts auto-download themselves. This technique works properly for some sites, but there’s something else that plays the role better. That thing is simply adding a more posts button to come after what you post. It helps any visitor on the page to automatically load posts, no reloading of the whole page. Suppose you get the free WordPress Infinite Scroll plugin, be sure to do your job excellently. However, you’ll be required to edit some codes in the theme. But if you don’t want anything related to the code, then use the Jetpack. It may not be compatible with all the themes but will be useful in your customization. Through Infinite Scroll, more visitors will load numerous posts and take longer on your site.

Ensure the featured images are consistent

Customise Your WordPress Website

The good news about featured images is the high possibility of attracting more clicks and attention. In other words, you’ll get more subscribers and readers. The case with WordPress users fond of uploading a post at ago with selected featured images causes their blogs to look disjointed. You should understand that to choose featured images, try to give consistency in the look.

Each post to have a custom excerpt

Do you know how individuals write custom excerpts? You won’t believe it. But it’s an easy thing; there’s an excerpt box in the editor’s right sidebar. A written blog excerpt shows up on the main page on condition that you’ve got a well-coded theme. Each post needs its custom excerpt for the following reasons;

  • Maybe your theme utilizes the first 20 words. But a smarter person will write more appealing words for creating more attention.
  • Ensure proper excerpt fitting into the design. In case it’s default length is too short or long, use manual excerpts to fix the issue.

Give your site a different look on Facebook.

Your website requires Open Graph tags, which can easily be found using the Yoast SEO plugin. It’s a tactic for making your site acquire a higher ranking on Google. To better understand, it’s necessary to find out more concerning SEO content and ranking. The Yoast SEO also helps open Graph tags to your page. The tags appear in every site’s page telling all social media platforms the content type to use in case someone shares your content. For instance, writing a custom excerpt plus adding a featured image is the information that’ll be displayed on Facebook or Twitter whenever your post is shared. It happens mainly with the availability of an Open Graph Tag. The Yoast SEO also allows one to add different images for Twitter and Facebook.

Increase your site’s social icons

To win more followers, you need to make things easy. You realize that nowadays, various themes have in-built social icons. Take an example of the Mission News theme that carries more than 50 social media websites. A single click on one icon takes you straight to your profile. Isn’t it a great way to have more individuals following you on various forums they visit? Now, don’t just focus on adding more social icons for getting more audience but think about increasing the social sharing buttons.

Adding social sharing buttons

Earlier, we talked about adding linked icons to your platforms. But links differ from social sharing buttons. When the buttons are clicked, they open new tabs full of the post and ready for sharing. Various plugins can help achieve this, including Scriptless Social Sharing. The only major challenge with such buttons is slowing down your site’s speed. For Scriptless Social Sharing, you may get a different experience since it’s faster in loading and is compatible with mobiles and desktops. The buttons tactic is likely to create more traffic to your page. As a result, be ready to customize more other features for making the site provide more profit.

Have a contact form

A site selling services to clients needs a contact form added for easier reach by clients. But all in all, a contact form is essential for all websites despite the purpose. No one knows what’s coming your way. In this case, you need WPForms plugin to add a contact. Don’t get frustrated about how to use it because it’s amazingly customizable and simple. Its premium upgrades are also extremely favourable for moving things to another level.

Develop a landing page

As the name suggests, a landing page is one where your visitors land on. It means you’ve created new traffic for visitors to get transformed into clients or subscribers. It’s good advice to come up with a landing page any time you successfully drive traffic on your website. Here, the Elementor plugin will be useful to help do so. It’s however, tricky since landing pages use only requires one to either limit page navigation or remove it. That leads you to create custom menus.

Develop a custom menu

Coming up with a custom menu mainly relies on the chosen theme. Nevertheless, be ready to see your website output each page in the main menu. But the most vital thing is having to develop various custom links for your site’s menu and allocate some on various pages for display.

Add colours

Customizing your colours is among the simplest and the most obvious things to do. You create a visual impact by changing the colour accent on your website. Your theme may lack custom colours, and you could be having no idea on how to use codes on the site. In that case, the CSS Hero should be your priority. Web designers use CSS as a coding language for styling web pages. Therefore, CSS Hero plugin in WordPress is great for enhancing theme customization with no need of writing a CSS line on your own. So, how do you change your website’s background colour using CSS Hero? To start off, open the visual editor, then move to the left sidebar containing various customization options. Finally, click to the background colour choice for setting and save your changes.

Logo addition to your browser

Most sites have a logo at the top, and many themes allow for that option. But don’t be limited. You can add your logo on the browser page. This is done by going to the customizer and clicking the site identity section, which gives a site icon option. From there, simply proceed to uploading your image logo and clicking the publish button.

Add a background picture.

Nowadays, many websites prefer using a light grey or white background. Why not add an image to look outstanding? You can have an attractive image that’s on-brand to impress your site visitors. The CSS Hero will once again help to customize your background image. To set up, go to the background, but this time, choose an image and not colour. Then, proceed to upload an image you wish to use.

Custom a branded login page

Suppose your subscribers get into your site by logging in; then you must develop a branded log in. There’s a sense of satisfaction and professionalism when logging into your website, be it by yourself or a member. You can try it on your page by using the Custom Login Page Customizer plugin.

Personalize the WordPress admin

For people without much knowledge about WordPress, you can change the admin dashboard palette colour through the profile menu. But maybe the provided colour schemes don’t go along with your brand. This can be countered using the WP Custom Admin Interface plugin. It allows full control over your site’s admin interface design. This is where you can also come up with another colour palette from your profile menu. Renaming and making new orders to your menu options is possible through this customization.

Add an author box

An author box is essential in building your brand in two ways; you get familiar to your visitors and customers through face and name. Another thing is that it enables you to give more information on your bio that increases your personality and relatability. This way, you can also connect to various pages. In case your theme lacks the author box, you can download and install the Simple Author Box plugin to help customize that. While we’ve got several of them, this one gives quality and flexible service.

Customize emails sent by WordPress

Emails come in mostly when new members join your site or change their email password. The messages you get may not be very important. For that reason, you can monitor then through installing the Notification Plugin, and it’ll give complete control over the mails. It also allows changing the current emails and adding completely new events for informing your members via email.

The bottom line

Among the best things to be appreciated is that Website building through WordPress gives full control over how you want things to go with your site. From the read above, you realize there’s a lot that can be done to suit your site’s WordPress requirements. That’s why you should optimize all the things offered when using WordPress. It’s certain that there’s so much you can apply using the content management system provided for coming up with an outstanding and amazing website your thoughts have always imagined about.