Tips and Guidelines for Designing Large News Website

Designing Large News Website

Tips about web design are all over the internet. Various individuals will give different opinions about how perfect websites look like. Maybe it’s due to how subjective design is. Suppose one person prefers this, another one like the other. On the same note, web design is among the most relevant factors that determine a successful website. Many people actually count on web sign as a significant factor affecting a website’s credibility. It significantly results in influencing bounce rates, conversations, and traffic.

When talking about news, the digital era is now providing newspapers through e-news articles. Vast amounts of information try to be accessed by people daily. Consequently, there’s a significant impact on news websites’ behaviour. The news is issued to educate, inform, entertain, and guide purposely. You’ll get collected information about business, economy, politics, and sports, among others that make news articles play a primary role in the world. That’s why the tricky part comes in designing websites that carry such great and enormous news content. We’re going to discuss in detail the tips and guidelines for designing large news websites. Please stay on the page to learn more.

Tips for designing large news websites

Clear navigation

A navigation system on a website helps pave a clear roadmap to every information kind. In most cases, site visitors will stay on the page whenever there’s straightforward navigation, merely because they’ll be enjoying the enriching experience. It’s even better with a menu structure inclusion, which helps guide individuals to reach the news they’d like to read quickly. They’ll also be able to reach the point you’re presenting.

Efficient scrolling

Most news websites contain lengthy scrolling for site visitors to get all the information possible. The structure is good as it ensures users continue scrolling till they set eyes on what they need, instead of forcefully clicking around to the point of reaching their requirements.

Have a responsive web design

Designing Large News Website

We no longer depend on internet browsing, mainly through desktops. Those days when we could are long gone. In the modern world, numerous people are using their mobile phones to access the internet. Therefore, you can’t afford to force your site visitors to keep scrolling around the page in vain. You’d simply be telling them to leave and in an alternative. Regardless of the site you have, please ensure it’s accessible and can be viewed using a wide range of devices. Even smaller smartphones should be able to reach your information.

Faster loading

Have you come across sites that take a minute to load? Suppose it happens with your website, then you’ve high chances of sky-high bounce rates. That’s why you should optimize your pages technically, not forgetting the picture sizes, third party plugins functionality, and page structure. A faster loading site acquires an advantage over slower ones. That means you should ensure reliable hosting to prevent readers from bouncing and going elsewhere.

Colour scheme

Readability is among the most remarkable features on a news website. You’ll see most websites having words written in black ink on a white background. It’s a vital property for a news website, especially because of having enormous content. Using contrasting colours enhances the site’s readability, something liked by many readers. Black and white are considered the best colour scheme for news. That’s why you should forever make sure that a colour scheme is applied to your news site.

Content hierarchy

One of the main factors for designing a website is navigation, ensuring that a reader can successfully interpret the information posted. The site’s information should be presented in the most suitable format. You can apply that by selecting a versatile font from the best font category. Also, ensure the font can be used in numerous typographic styles as required by a news site. What’s used on print media by old newspapers can be seen on the website. However, it’s not a rule because what works for print shouldn’t apply to websites.

Breaking news as headlines

Successful news websites feature breaking news as an essential factor for development. It helps improve a reader’s interest in your site almost every time they come across it. Display the updates on breaking news and add a small text excerpt on favourite topics. It’s because most readers go to sites where they can get information on the most recent updates.

Advertisement is almost apparent. It’s good to look for attracting visitors, such as through display advertising, social media, and paid search. For example, you can use banners, which have the best kind of visibility. Through it, you’ll be able to get many people on your site and build your news website. If you require increasing conversations or more traffic on your site, changing your paid strategies to fit your goals is relevant. Different paid channels have their advantages and disadvantages. The only thing to be careful about is to avoid overdoing it as it may irritate the viewers. Therefore, it’s up to you to carefully and carefully pick your objectives before landing on your credit card. Suppose you think more traffic will get you the best sales. It’s time to use high commercial intent keywords and phrases as your strategy for searching. It would be best to understand how tough competition for these words are and the high costs. But paying them is worth the returns.

Use content sections with tabs.

Most news websites have major content sections and sidebars for displaying information. They use tabs to present popular content, pages receiving more comments, and recently published articles. Through this process, a user can easily control the information kind they wish to access. It also helps spare the device space because more prominent information contents can be reached via a particular section.


Designing Large News Website

Creativity is a critical thing in designing a website that has a beautiful presentation. Come up with a news website containing stylish and the most recent designs. Do that, putting in mind how grateful your audience will be; they’d appreciate it. Maybe you wish to have a similar style as the way newspaper sites do without inputting too much effort. You can use WordPress to make the news website in your mind. Go to the WordPress news plugin.

White space

In most cases, an excellent and well-developed website overlooks the white space element, not knowing how powerful it can be. People don’t understand how ample white space increases content legibility that’s meaningful in news websites.

Content separation

To group the most crucial information and authoritative content, you can use a drawn separator between the content categories. A good example has a header section on the homepage to represent new articles used as headlines with attractive photos. It’s the right approach because of the emphasis on current news input and more social media shares.

Social media

The internet has experienced tremendous change with social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You are required to create an account through which you’ll interact with more viewers on your site. The account will help pass your communication. As a result, more connections will be developed. Social media provides an incredible platform for social networks and the online sharing of information. News website promotion using social media platforms can be via imagery branding. You can decide to use giveaways and contests plus landing pages for attracting new followers and likes.  The most dominant social media forces are Twitter and Facebook. Also, Pinterest and Instagram are coming up strongly as website promoters.

Comments area

A reader’s feedback or comment is critical in news websites. Most readers have come to understand the essence of leaving a comment for people to know their opinion- for example, through liking or disliking and sometimes letting out their voice on certain things. That’s why you should make sure this user’s need is satisfied. Additionally, allowing people a chance to speak their minds out about how they passionately feel is an excellent way to start a conversation on your site. You can do that by creating a sizeable commenting system via third-party solutions such as Facebook. Moreover, you can create a platform that allows visitors to ask questions.


Why can’t you welcome your visitors to your site with your appealing graphics instead of having full-page text on the front page? To succeed, it’s good to post high-quality images that will attract more people to the news website.

Are you aware of false buttons?

In the modern world, most marketing websites, such as sales pages, have numerous page blocks. Blocks are content rows having text on one side and an image on the other that go down the page using one column. For example, a page might have a darker background colour than the footer. Therefore, one might click it thinking it’d take them to the page’s bottom part, but no. It’s a false button making the visitor think they’ve reached the end of scrolling. So, try and be sensitive when selecting background colours. You can go for slight variations such as light grey or white.

Avoid rotating sliders

Slide shows have been known for years, and most people loved them. However, a visitor to your site might miss out on the first slide. A lot of studies done have come to this similar conclusion. Information on subsequent slides rarely can be seen. Similarly, calls in the same pages are less likely to be clicked. Click rates experienced by university websites can confirm this. They’re quickly approved by many individuals but may only work well with internal matters and not serve visitors. The best thing to do is stack every slide so that the reader moves to the next by scrolling independently. This way, they’d be more precise and more comfortable to view. 

Use people’s photos

People’s faces are outstanding and give powerful imagery. Even when a child is born, most individuals would mainly look at the face than other things later. It’s the reason web designers should base mainly on picture images displaying one’s face. A face does more than merely creating attention. It also correlates with the conversion. You’ll see it more attractive to look at people’s testimonials when tagged with their faces rather than without.

Designing Large News Website

Use simple terms in writing.

If you keep your words simple, the website will be more successful. Try to stick to the most common words and phrases a reader expects. Using longer statements with ambiguous words makes it more difficult for a viewer to read and comprehend. One might feel like they’re wasting time, and that would mean otherwise. Therefore, stick to shorter sentences with simple fonts and simple to understand design. Did you know that even PhD holders prefer reading at a grade eight’s level? You might sound smarter using the significant terms, but what about your intended reader? Just know that any doubts evoked might result in someone taking action that may not be in your favour. Therefore, every word used in your news article should assure you that readers know the meaning.

The bottom line

Honestly, nobody hates beauty, and everybody likes goo looking for design features. Another thing is that everyone is a critic. However, page visitors need something more than simple beauty; that’s information. For news website owners, results are more critical for success. Web designers have a role to play, creating containers that carry content. The work of visitors is to go for that content, but not the container.

For this reason, a website should look attractive to give an emotional or visual influence on them. On the other hand, your website’s success is way far from beautiful. You mainly need to help a visitor to get what they’re looking for. That’s why you should use every tip as discussed above, plus many others that can potentially lead to your website’s success. Be sure doing that is the real meaning of web designing.