Looks might not be important when it comes to Human Relationships, but when it comes to designing an eCommerce Website, you really need to think again. 

 Whenever you go to the supermarket and buy yourself oats for breakfast, the very first thing you do is judge the product by its packaging. You go to online books shop, and you choose a book by its cover again. Why? Because nowadays, the packaging is what initially hints you about picking the right thing and it doesn’t matter if it’s online or offline.

All the above examples were to understand you the relevancy of eCommerce Website with a beautiful first look. There are millions of eCommerce Website Templates which can help you grow your business and impact your visitors to move to the next step because a good eCommerce Website Template design can either takes your visitor to Checkouts or to Red Cross button.

First of all, eCommerce websites aren’t only made for your online presence but for your brand identity as well where visitors come and shop for what they want. And for this thing to happen, designers need to choose eCommerce Website Template wisely because a website without having online sales is without purpose. 

Now, you must stop wondering about choosing the right eCommerce Website Template because we the Utopia Web Design team have done our Homework in-order to provide you guys assistance in choosing the right thing. We are going to show you what exactly are the things that the eCommerce website should have. So here we go!

Your eCommerce Website Template must match with your Product

Consistency is the key. Designing eCommerce Website can be a difficult task at sometimes because when you bother a lot of things and want perfection, then you might get confused in a number of things.

What you must do is that your everything from images, text, background color, color schemes must define your product and website. For instance, if you have got a toys website and you’re selling toys for children, then your website design must be colorful and looks like fun. And if you’re selling Tech Gadgets, then your website template must match Tech and modern electronics.

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Your Template must have Proper Product Showcase and Description

Another thing which attracts the visitor is having proper snaps and description of the product with public reviews as well.

While showcasing your product, you have to make sure that you’re using High-Quality images with a White background to give a professional look to your Product because High-Quality images can help the user to assume that how well the product would look in real. 

Your products must have a complete description as well, for instance, the type, color, size, weight, thickness, cut and fit and all the mandatory instruction which a customer must know before buying any product.

Your eCommerce Website must define Shipping Rates

Another feature which you should look for when choosing eCommerce Website Templates is Shipping rates section.

There are dozens of websites selling their products without defining the shipping rates. When you have an online business, your customers always ripped for the question “Is the delivery free or no” because the shipping rates aren’t defined by the Website owners.

If you want to go one step ahead of others, you really need to define the shipping rates and shipping rates must be as low as a penny. Because of the lower the rates, the more orders would advance.

Your eCommerce Website must have a classy Shopping Cart Design

A lot of new designers in the market do not care about Shopping Cart Design section, but here’s the list of feature your website must have when designing the Shopping Cart section.

Payments option

Website Searching and Browsing

Reviews of the products

Wishlist and Registry list

Real World inventory

Proper Checkouts

Special offers, Sales and Coupons

And Website Security

Your eCommerce Website Template must be Responsive

Nowadays, everyone is aware of responsive websites, and they take the definition of Responsive websites as “A website which can be run on mobile as smoothly it runs on Desktop,” and they are true too. But here are a few more advantages that a responsive website can give it to you

Smoothes the user experiences of your website

Improves the statistics

Improves the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

No redirects

Your eCommerce Website Template must load Faster

Every single person nowadays is in a hurry, and slow loading of your website means that you’re losing your visitors/customers.

So, your website must not only be responsive, but it must have light weight as well. Because you have 3 seconds to load your website and later than 3-second means that your website bounce rate is going to increase and Google would mind that.  

Your Website must have directions for SEO

SEO of your website is very important because if you’re unable to rank higher on Google, then what’s the purpose of your website when you have zero traffic?

You need to confirm before buying any template that are there Pre defined SEO things exists in the template or not because Google sees everything in your website even the area which is protected by you with your password.

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Your Website Templates must have Contact information and Support Section

Let your customers know that you’re just simple a text, email and a video call away from them. Following are the necessary things that a contact information and support section must have in it.

Your Working Email section

Choosing the subject section

And a message section

Your Website Templates must have Social Icons

eCommerce websites usually drive their traffic from social media because trillions of users are using social media platform. So there must be Social media icons on your website Header or footer so that visitors can follow you on social media as well.

Your Website Template must be Secure

Without having a proper security channel, your website is not going to witness online sales. Following are the security features that an eCommerce website must have.

Layered Security

SSL Certificates

VPN’s Adopting

Protection of DDOS Targets

And Audit of Security

Time to Optimize

That’s all that we have for you in eCommerce Website Templates selection. If you want to have a successful eCommerce website, then follow the above-mentioned things to let your boat float on the water.