10 Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing eCommerce Website Templates

ecommerce website template

Looks might not be necessary for Human Relationships, but you need to think again when designing an eCommerce Website.

Whenever you go to the supermarket and buy yourself oats for breakfast, the first thing you do is judge the product by its packaging. You go to an online books shop, and you choose a book by its cover again. Why? Because nowadays, the packaging initially hints about picking the right thing, and it doesn’t matter if it’s online or offline.

All the above examples were to understand you the relevancy of eCommerce Website with a beautiful first look. Millions of eCommerce Website Templates can help you grow your business and impact your visitors to move to the next step because a good eCommerce Website Template design can either take your visitor to Checkouts to Red Cross button.

First of all, eCommerce websites aren’t only made for your online presence but also for your brand identity and where visitors come and shop for what they want. And for this thing to happen, designers need to choose an eCommerce Website Template wisely because a website without having online sales is without purpose. 

It would help if you stopped wondering about choosing the right eCommerce Website Template because we, the Utopia Web Design team, have done our Homework to provide you guys assistance in choosing the right thing. We are going to show you what exactly are the things that the eCommerce website should have. So here we go!

Your eCommerce Website Template must match with your product.

ecommerce website template

Consistency is the key. Designing an eCommerce Website can sometimes be difficult because when you bother many things and want perfection, you might get confused about several things.

You must do everything from images, text, background color; color schemes must define your product and website. For instance, if you have a toy website and you’re selling toys for children, your website design must be colorful and look fun. And if you’re selling Tech Gadgets, then your website template must match Tech and modern electronics.

As mentioned above, the following website features should be selected carefully with the company product and brand in mind:

The company logo is crucial during website and product branding. The uniqueness of your business logo and its communication determine the kind of impression customers get at first glance. Therefore, make sure the logo you decide to develop for your website exhibits your product’s attributes and uniqueness and the company’s mission and vision.

Font type and size

The type of font you choose for wording should provide ease of readability of content on your website. Some of the most recommended fonts for a website to consider may include Helvetica, Times New Roman, Verdana, et cetera. When it comes to font size, the one friendly to most people, including seniors, is 16px. This font size is neither too tiny nor too big, and it makes it easy to read paragraphs.


The colors you select for your eCommerce website should communicate the product brand, its attributes and must be in accordance with the company’s mission and vision. Colors create a powerful first impression and will instantly determine whether a website visitor hit the back button or proceed to get what they want. So, a perfect blend of the right colors should be considered for an attractive and compelling first impression.

Want to design your eCommerce Website Template? 

Your Template must have a Proper Product Showcase and Description.

Another thing that attracts the visitor is having good snaps and a product description with public reviews.

While showcasing your product, you have to make sure that you’re using High-Quality images with a white background to give a professional look to your Product because High-Quality images can help the user assume how well the product would look in real. 

Your products must have a complete description and the type, color, size, weight, thickness, cut and fit, and all the mandatory instructions that a customer must know before buying any product.

Here are some of the product descriptions you might need to consider:

Type of Product

Your description of the type of good or service you’re offering must be precise and straightforward. Otherwise, how will a first-time customer understand what you’re selling? Moreover, it’s crucial that you state your product’s qualities and how they will solve a customer’s problems.

Color of Product

Modern consumers are susceptible to the colors of products they order because colors have meanings associated with personality. Therefore, your product description must capture the various colors your products come with to avoid any future potential cognitive dissonance. Product respective colors must be indicated on the checkout page.

Size of Product

Every product comes in different quantities and sizes, and these sizes determine the total amount at checkout. The relationship between product quantity and price you indicate on the website must be clear and sensible to customers to enable them to take the shortest time.

Weight of Product

Besides the product size, their weights must be clearly stated where applicable. The product weight and size will determine the mode of transportation of the product, which must not be overlooked during product description.

Instructions for product use and safety caution

How will a product be of value to you without knowledge of use? The answer is simple. You’d instead do without the product. It’s therefore important that clear step-by-step instructions on product usage are included on the eCommerce website. Safety cautions are also mandatory.

Your eCommerce Website must define Shipping Rates.

Another feature which you should look for when choosing eCommerce Website Templates is the Shipping rates section.

There are dozens of websites selling their products without defining the shipping rates. When you have an online business, your customers are always ripped for the question “Is the delivery free or no” because the Website owners don’t define the shipping rates.

If you want to go one step ahead of others, you need to define the shipping rates, and shipping rates must be as low as a penny. Because the lower the rates, the more orders would advance.

ecommerce website template

The shipping rates you choose for your website must be reasonable. It would help if you considered the distance to delivery destinations, transportation mode, type and nature of products, quantity, et cetera. So, the eCommerce website you chose must allow ease of customizing all these details.

Your eCommerce Website must have a classy Shopping Cart Design.

Many new designers in the market do not care about the Shopping Cart Design section, but here’s the list of features your website must have when designing the Shopping Cart section.

Payments option

The Shopping Cart Design for your eCommerce website should offer a variety of payment options to customers. The more varied the payment options, the more customers are likely to be accommodated globally. These payment options can range from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, et cetera.

Website Searching and Browsing

The Shopping Cart Design you choose should provide customers the capability to customize specific searches on the website. They should also browse and navigate easily through product variety, prices, quantities, colors, et cetera.

Reviews of the products

Customer reviews of past product purchases must also be included on the eCommerce website to make accurate and reliable decision-making. Make sure the design you choose makes it easy to include testimonials from past customers to provide proof and convince potential customers of the benefits they’re going to enjoy from using your products.

Wishlist and Registry list

Product wishlists allow customers to save and retrieve products they have might be interested in. A wishlist on your Shopping Cart Design is crucial because it’s a time-saver. Thus customers do not have to go back and forth researching products of interest they might have spotted in their navigation website.

Real World inventory

A well-designed Shopping Cart should contain real-time product information, including product types, quantities, colors, size, and weights available, as well as updated prices. That helps customers be updated on all availabilities for more comfortable and accurate checking out and avoiding future complications.

Proper Checkouts

The checkout process in the Shopping Cart design you choose should be systematic and logical to check out potential customers stress-free and straightforward. The information displayed on the checkout page should comprise product type, color, quantity, size, shipping rates, mode, the price per unit, total price, et cetera.

Special offers, Sales and Coupons

Like any physical store, the Shopping Cart you choose for your eCommerce website should possess the capability to include any special offers, coupons, discounts, and sales available. Such offers greatly determine the number of products customers are likely to check out.

And Website Security

Your customers will need a guarantee that the payment information they enter on your website is secure, so you must go for a website that has maximum security and non-susceptible from hackers.

Your eCommerce Website Template must be Responsive.

Nowadays, everyone is aware of responsive websites, and they take the definition of Responsive websites as “A website which can be run on mobile as smoothly it runs on Desktop,” and they are right too. But here are a few more advantages that a responsive website can give to you:

Smoothes the user experiences of your website

A responsive website improves the user experience because it can take less time to navigate the website before checking out.

Improves the statistics

Customers are more likely to rate-responsive websites higher and give positive reviews, which improves statistics significantly.

Improves the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A responsive website is likely to have a high ranking in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, et cetera), which highly improves Search Engine Optimization.

No redirects

Customers are likely to have smooth navigation on a website with no redirects and are highly responsive on a computer and a smartphone.

Your eCommerce Website Template must load Faster.

Nowadays, every person is in a hurry, and your website’s slow loading means that you’re losing your visitors/customers.

So, your website must not only be responsive, but it must have lightweight as well because you have 3 seconds to load your website, and later than 3-second means that your website bounce rate will increase, and Google would mind that. 

Your website must have directions for SEO

SEO of your website is essential because if you’re unable to rank higher on Google, what’s your website’s purpose when you have zero traffic?

You need to confirm before buying any template that is there Pre defined SEO things exist in the Template or not because Google sees everything in your website, even the area protected by you with your password.

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Your website Templates must have Contact information and a Support Section.

Let your customers know that you’re simply a text, email, and video call away from them. Following are the necessary things that a contact information and support section must have in it:

  • Your Working Email section
  • Choosing the subject section
  • And a message section

Your website Templates must have Social Icons

eCommerce websites usually drive their traffic from social media because trillions of users are using social media platforms. So there must be Social media icons on your website Header or footer so that visitors can follow you on social media as well. These social media icons can be for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, et cetera.

Your Website Template must be Secure.

Without having a proper security channel, your website is not going to witness online sales. Following are the security features that an eCommerce website must-have.

  • Layered Security
  • SSL Certificates
  • VPN’s Adopting
  • Protection of DDOS Targets
  • And Audit of Security

The bottom line

In conclusion, the benefits associated with choosing a robust and versatile eCommerce website template can never be overemphasized. The overall website outlook determines how much web traffic your site receives. Therefore, you have to build a compelling website and create the first powerful impression on your visitors.

But to achieve that, there are several vital things you have to consider before settling on an eCommerce website template that satisfactorily meets your needs. Some of these things include: your site design has to match the product, it must have an accurate and precise product description, a classy shopping cart design, et cetera.