Can you learn Web Designing on your Own?

The demand for new website designs is more than ever in history. Many businesses are shifting online, and some want to show their presence on different platforms and search engines like Google. You always need an attractive web design that suits your business and industry.

In these scenarios, there are two options right in front of you. You can choose one according to your current skill sets, your interest, and your budget. So here are these two options:

  • Hire someone to get your web designed.
  • Learn and do it yourself.

Hiring a company for web design

If you want a professionally designed website, then you must have to hire someone. Designing is not everything, you have to add functionalities to your website, and a web developer can professionally do these things. So if you want to add some functionalities along with your website design, then it is recommended to look for a professional company just like Utopia Web Designs.

Learning Web Design Yourself

The second option we have is to learn web designing ourselves and then implement those learnings to create our desired website. However, it may seem easy, but if you are looking for a fully customized and fully functional website, then it may take a while for you to learn web designing. Designing a website from scratch is not easy at all. You also need help from other people during the whole process.

If you just want a straightforward website, you can use any easy website builder just like Wix. There are many website builders available online, and most of them are pretty easy to use. You have to drag and drop elements to your website page, and your website will be customizable to some extent. The problem here is that your web design will not be that flexible, and your website functionalities will be limited. So if you are fine with lesser functionalities and flexibility, you can use any of these online builders to create an amazing website.

Types of education to learn web design

So now if you are already interested in learning web designing yourself, then here are two types of education you can take to be a good designer, but remember, it’s going to be a time-taking process. You have to put your efforts into better results. So here are two types of educations for web design:

Let’s first talk about our self-taught web designers who really put efforts every day to improve their designing skills.

Self-Taught Designers

learn web design

You may have heard that many designers providing their services are “self-taught.” So what does it actually mean by being self-taught? Self-taught means that you have learned any skill on your own without being indulged in proper formal education. Self-learners can easily learn web design and development from online sources. There are plenty of online sources such as Youtube, Udemy, etc. that offer you both free and paid courses.

There are thousands of tutorials present everywhere online to increase your knowledge. Books are a great source of learning for these people. Many books help you to learn this specific thing. Online articles are another source of an amazing learning experience. A ton of forums are available online for web designers where they can easily discuss their projects and problems with each other. So, if you are a self-learner, then there is no need for any formal education. Just stay dedicated and keep polishing your skills.

Advantages of being a self-taught web designer

There are many benefits associated with the self-learning process. Some of these benefits are described here:

Lower Costs: When you are learning from online sources, and you are reading books on web-design, then there is not much money required to continue your learning process. You can purchase any online course to learn, but there are many amazing courses by some amazing tutors at Udemy. These courses are less costly, and you can learn a lot from them. You can learn without paying for the course. Youtube is the biggest source to learn for free. Just search for “web design tutorials,” and you will see thousands of results with proper course playlists. Grab the best playlist and start learning.

Lesser Time Required: Time is important for all of us. You may be busy in your college life or university. In this scenario, you can learn whenever you want. Just stay motivated and be consistent in your learning; otherwise, you may end up leaving it in the middle. Another advantage is that you can be selective, and you can only focus on those things that really matter for your career.

Selling your skills: When you are learning everything yourself, you are actually experiencing it. These experiences can help to work with other clients and earn some money. Your skills will dramatically improve when you start working with real clients for their projects. You can try freelancing on many platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer, etc. to look for projects.

Hands-on Experience: Self-learners are mostly experienced because they are not just reading it, but they also implement what they learn online. The implementation of our learning leads to our experience. When we have the experience, it takes no time for us to be successful because the market demands experienced people, and if you are a fresher, then there are fewer chances for you to succeed. Be focused on your learnings, and keep in mind that you will only get better at web designing if you actually practice it on routine bases. Nothing greater is achieved without practice!

Formal Education

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Most of you may consider self-taught learning as the best way to learn, but formal education is also important sometimes. Formal education is for a fixed period of time, and you learn everything in an engaging environment. There are teachers to teach you, but unfortunately, education takes much Time, and sometimes you are unable to achieve the skills because you haven’t practised it. So here are how formal education is great and hows worst for web designers:

Advantages of formal education for web designing

The self-learning is really strong on its own, but we cannot ignore the power of formal education because it has its own set of advantages. Let’s have a look at it one by one:


If you want a job in a well-established company, there are strong chances to ask for your qualifications and Degree. A degree is a standard set by different organizations to select their employees. They will not trust your skill until you do not have a degree. Many employers will consider you for a job if you have a proper formal education background regarding web design and development. For most jobs, you are eligible only if you have your Degree in your hands. Self-taught people work for no one; they work for themselves and do not rely on jobs.

Foundation Knowledge

Foundation knowledge is an important thing because it provides you with a base to start from. Self-taught people lack foundation knowledge. They are experts in various things that they learned from online tutorials, but they do not know its concept. They also lack theory knowledge, while formal education provides you with detailed foundation knowledge to help you understand things better.

Structured Learning

With formal education, you can have a more structured learning experience. Everything will be decided before Time, and there will be a syllabus to cover everything. The self-taught learning process doesn’t help us with structure. The syllabus is announced so that you can have a complete beginner to advance level knowledge.

Another advantage of the structure is that it assists with considering you responsible. Self-learning functions admirably for certain individuals, yet it is anything but a solid match for everybody. Many individuals have the goal to require some investment and learn all alone; some of them even begin, however without structure or responsibility, it is difficult for certain individuals to keep focused and to invest a steady exertion. The final product is that numerous individuals never make it to the extent they expected. Be that as it may, on the off chance you seek after formal education, the structure can assist you with working through it without expecting to rehearse as a lot of self-control. In case you’re paying for the courses, odds are you will proceed to attempt to get something out of them since you are contributed.

Helps with Job

When you are in an institution for formal education, the institute helps you find a job on completing the whole course. If you performed well throughout the whole session, the institute might help you provide an instant job. This is one of the most amazing and biggest advantages of formal education. Ask your college if they help their fresh graduates to find jobs. These institutes have links with some companies, and those companies may employ their graduate student.

In any case, because a school or college can give some amazing measurements about what number of alumni discover jobs in the industry doesn’t imply that you’re destined to be put in a vocation when you graduate. Things can change before long, and the elements of the economy and the company might be vastly different when you really graduate.

What do you need to Learn?

learn web design

If you have decided to learn web designing and web development, then here are some things that you have to learn during the process to be a good designer:

Design Theory

Design theory includes knowledge about design types, colour combinations, designing rules, typography, and colour theory.


These two are the basic languages used to code the structure and design of any web page. HTML acts as the skeleton of the body, while CSS is the outer appearance of that body. These two are used together to create simple pages. Realizing how to code a website will assist you with your decision during the visual design process. What’s more, with the present condition, designing a Photoshop website and giving it to a developer to code isn’t so normal as it was only a couple of years back. With responsive web design now, the favoured strategy for most undertakings designing in the program is regularly a more proficient procedure than making a full format and design in Photoshop. To design in the program, it would help if you had the option to code.

Website Usability Experience

It’s not enough to design a website and then just completely leave it. You have to make sure that everything looks good and everything is working perfectly fine. The biggest thing is the user experience. If users find it easy to use your website, then the usability score for your website will be good. Otherwise, you can make some tweaks in your design to make it more usable for everyone.

Adobe Software

Softwares helps us a lot during the whole process of web designing. Adobe products such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are two of the great tools used to accomplish your tasks. You will be able to design the layout of your website, and then you can convert it to a fully functional website with the help of some coding.


So, can you learn web designing on your own? Yes, you can learn it, and there are two ways discussed above. However, if you do not want to be a website designer or developer but still want a fully customized website, we can assist you. Our designed websites are beautiful, and we fulfil all your custom requirements. If you are still looking for a really simple website with two or three pages, then you can use any online platform, but the functionalities will be limited there. So it is always recommended to hire someone if you want a professional web design for your business.