How to Pick the Best Web Design Tools

Designing a website can be tedious. There is a lot that goes in. contrary to the popular opinion that you must rely on a website developer to do everything, there are multiple web design tools that you can use to get involved within the process. Wed design tools can help you navigate through any web project that you might be working on.

Pick the Best Web Design Tools

Developing a website is not a straightforward task. Just ask a random website owner, and they will undoubtedly present challenges. From identifying the best and trusted agency to work with to having them deliver on agreed deadlines, there is much more than you would probably care to know. But you don’t have to shoulder the trouble of looking for these firms or web design agencies if you can easily access several design tools on the internet.

Whether or not you go the route of a web designer, there are certain qualities they have to meet, nonetheless. A web designer must possess a certain threshold for applying web design tools for you to hire them for your project. Overall, a designer should be proficient with all the necessary tools. Besides, they use these tools to build websites for people and business clients. That said, you must know the requisite tools that are needed for you to make the most out of your website. That leads us to our primary focus today; how to pick the best web design tools. Read on to find out.

Why you need the best web design tools and software

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an online vendor, or a professional wanting to reach out to more clients, you need a website. That said, you don’t need just a website, but one that is built professionally, with great visuals, and laden with design features that meets your needs and business requirements. That is true regardless of whatever type of niche you specialize in. An informative and seamlessly functional website is what you need.

Now, coming up with a great web design requires that you cherry-pick the right tools to achieve that. But due to the common misconceptions about website design, most beginners are led to think that the process can take ages before they can finally come up with a decent and professionally-designed website.

It might be right for some to start small and get better over time by upgrading using redesigning tools. But there are modern web design tools and software you can use to design a beautiful website with little or no experience quickly. The best part about the modern web design tools is that you can use them with minimal skills, and secondly, the software is designed to automate the entire process. That said, it follows that even for starters, you can wriggle your way through and come up with a stunning website.

A great website is what everyone wants because it is the face of the business on the internet. So, instead of using old and outdated tools to design websites, you can use modern design utilities to improve your website. Remember that the web design industry is pretty competitive when it comes to utilizing the latest design tools. Therefore, you have all the reasons to keep abreast of all the best tools web designers and developers are using to save time, simplify tasks, and overall, make life easier for users.

Website development: Best web design tools and software

The complexity of computer language (also referred to as coding) makes it unlikely that every other Tom and Jerry can embark on developing a website. Most beginners worry about that quite a lot. They ask if studying coding is mandatory in creating great websites.

While knowing how to code is an absolute advantage in web design projects, several web-building tools such as WordPress have demystified that theory. Meaning, you can create and design a website without necessarily having to know how to code. Because of the ease at which you can create a WordPress website, 40% of websites on the internet are currently powered by WordPress.

There isn’t a single tool or software that you can use to design everything on a website. That means you will have to pick a combination of web design tools to make up your working toolkit. Depending on your niche, you will need to find the appropriate tools and software to help you facilitate the web design process. The following is a list of some of the most effective tools, software, and resources to use in web developments and design:

Wed design tools

Presentation maker

This is an excellent tool for making professional presentations online. It has thousands of graphics and templates to make use of.

Vector graphics software

When creating vector graphics, you don’t need to look any further. That, too, will help you design powerful graphics that will simplify your work.

Infographic creator

Online marketers would make use of this tool. When it comes to designing visually-appealing websites, this tool will play an important role. The infographic creator, coupled with Canva, can help you create stunning infographics, and it is free.


Visme is an easy to use visual content creation and collaboration platform. With Visme, you can create professional-looking infographics in minutes.   

Visme includes a drag and drop editor and a library of hundreds of templates, photos and animated characters.
Besides infographics, Visme can be used to create other forms of visual content like presentations, banners, etc.


With Wix, you wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you possess coding skills. It is a seamless online website builder. Besides, it offers over 500 templates to choose from.

Icon builder

Graphic designers have developed millions of icons, both for personal and commercial use. The largest provider of free icons in the world is Flaticon. It is the most used search engine by designers when it comes to web design.

Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools such as Mockplus iDoc can enable web designers and developers to comment, test, upload, and prototype web designs automatically using code snippets, and the process is seamless. This tool helps designers to share design beta prototypes collaboratively during testing.

Logo design

Logos are important for company identity. That is why you will want to have it embedded onto your website as well. That said, you can use Logaster as an excellent source of creating a free logo, and you can do that in a matter of minutes.

Photo editing tools

There are several paid and free online tools you can use to edit your digital photos. Besides, you don’t need any expertise to do that. You can sign up with piZap or Photoshop Free to edit all your digital photos.

Website design software and tools for E-Commerce

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce is one of the best tools to use in designing an e-commerce website in the world. It operates alongside WordPress, meaning you will have to install WordPress before you can develop a website. To get started, users have to sign up with Bluehost. That is because they offer discounts with regards to domain name and hosting.


If you are an entrepreneur and are looking to create an online store vendor, look no further. Shopify is one-stop shopping for all your website needs. They have a fully hosted e-commerce platform. Moreover, they have professional templates that are suited to any online vending store website.

Pick the Best Web Design Tools

Shopify has everything hosted, which means they are responsible for hosting, website backups, and all the necessary software you will need. The best part is that they have all the web design tools handy. Therefore, once you sign up with them, all you will have to do is focus on creating and designing your preferred pages, logos, images, among others.

Website design software and tools for marketers

Contrary to other niches, web design for marketers entails quite a lot. It doesn’t end with creating a website. For marketers, designing graphics, images, and banners is done regularly. As such, they need plenty of tools that can allow them to run their websites as professionally as possible. The following is a compilation of some of the tools marketers need:


Piktochart is a simple tool that you can use to make flyers, infographics, presentations, and posters. It has numerous templates you can choose from too. Furthermore, its use is made easier because you can access it right on your browser, which means you wouldn’t need to download it first. You can use it to edit photos, shapes and even rearrange items to suit your pattern.


It is one of the most powerful design tools you can make use of. It can help you design mockups, wireframes, and even create websites from scratch. It is ideal for use with beginners because it has a user-friendly interface with helpful guidelines. You can use it to create mockups, pages, and much more.

Website design tools and software for graphic design

Infographics are an essential part of web design as they make websites look visually appealing. Graphics are used to create company logos, images, and even customize site backgrounds. That makes graphic design tools much more necessary. Graphic designers can use the following tools to design websites:

Affinity designer

Pick the Best Web Design Tools

This tool is suitable for both advanced users and beginners. It is easy to use and creates robust designs. Courtesy of its fully packed tools, you can design all sorts of stuff, whether simple or complex.

Adobe photoshop

We perhaps all know about Adobe photoshop. It is the industry leader in graphic design and, more so, photo editing. The versions we probably know of are for Mac and Windows operating systems. The software has been around for some time, and it is still the easiest and most efficient design tool on the market. However, it is more expensive than most of the other graphic design tools in the same category.

Adobe illustrator

Adobe illustrator is a sister software from the same company that is used to design vector graphics. From logos and print to web and drawings, there is much more you can design using this tool. Whereas it isn’t easy for beginners, the company offers a learning curve as resources for starters. The curve includes online tutorials that would be helpful for beginners.

Website design software for building websites


If you have ever used WordPress for your website needs, you will perhaps agree that it offers the ultimate flexibility to create and design a website. Statistics backs this up, and WordPress powers over 40% of all websites on the internet. It powers blogs, online vending stores, community pages, among others.

However, based on the scope of WordPress, it is best suited for small businesses and personal sites. But if you are looking to start a complex project, you would instead host your WordPress site.


Developed by Adobe, this application is used to code, edit, and maintain websites. With Dreamweaver, you can edit your website‘s contents either by coding or doing it manually on a visual interface. By doing so, any changes you make through editing are rectified and displayed immediately.

Beaver builder

Pick the Best Web Design Tools

Beaver builder is used to creating custom pages using WordPress. You can drag and drop your design elements manually without necessarily having to write or code. Besides, they offer free domain name hosting through WordPress, one of the world’s biggest hosting companies.

The bottom line

You can choose many advanced and modern web design tools if you want to make the most out of your website. Whether it is cascading style sheets (CSS) or graphic design tools, you don’t have to have prior experience to use them. You can hire a web designer or use tutorials from the internet to design your website, but ultimately, the decision lies with you.

Whichever route you choose to go, remember that web designers are excellent at their work, and you will probably need their expertise along the way. Therefore, it is important to know how much time and money you might be willing to put down upfront for your web design project. Besides, you have to do your due diligence to ensure that the expert you hire has experience handling most modern web design tools.