Should you copy a website design?

Should you copy a website design?

Has your boss ever told you copy website X because of its high profile and success? Well, maybe it’s because the website has more subscribers and doing and doing something unique that’s liked by many, yet your site is the opposite. Yes, this happens. You should understand that various businesses, including IT Companies, professional services, organizations, institutions, and retailers, all are present online. That suggests that their competitors are online too.

Everybody is struggling to make their website stand out to win more revenue and customers. For this reason, it’s overwhelming to come up with the best for your business. You’ll find people making things simple by just copying another website’s details, whereas others put more effort using the correct strategies for building their site until it gets there honestly, most users like well-established web designs that work according to what they intend. A good example is designing your site with a search box on the upper right side will likely raise usability since most people are used to it. Summarily, the search tool is located where they’re accustomed to. This article discusses more about hosting a website. So, should you copy a website? Read on to find out much about it.

Can you copy a website design?

Should you copy a website design?

Most businesses have an urge to get ahead of others. Some will use the right tips to become what they want, but others simply copy the design from a more famous site. You can indeed copy, however, expect more harm than good. But do you know the best website in the world? It’s the one that does excellent in marketing their individual product and not just being seen successful. Therefore, the best advice is to avoid copying another website’s design when you have the potential to develop a better site. We’re going to discuss how and why copying is a bad idea.

Introducing your brand; web design

Prospects’ first impression is primarily based on your website design. Averagely, your page’s visitor takes less than a second to come up with a conclusion about the site. Even research demonstrates that about 75% of web searchers judge your company’s credibility by first looking at the website. In one second or less, someone can already tell if they’ll work with you or not. Suppose one dislikes your site, they’ll definitely leave and look for a competitor that fulfils their expectations. Having a well-done website gives your company’s story, another visible layer that catches a visitor’s attention. That creates high chances of converting to a customer in your business.

On the contrary, a poorly designed site turns away viewers. It’s the reason your website’s structure must be the beginning point for your company’s success journey. Accomplish that by designing something that narrates your personal story as a business. Therefore, what’s the best way to do that? It’s simply by staying original. It’d help if you realize that there’s a connection created between a well-designed site and the client. Please get this right, you and your competitor can never be the same, but for you to win, then provide something differentiating your brand from theirs. In addition to that, have a brand promise plus quality content, and you’ll love the result. So, stick to the challenge by presenting an original website that intrigues users immediately they land on your site. Let them stay engaged for further exploration into the site’s information.

Sometimes, a person intending to copy may pick a good site, but with a bad design. Successful sites with high usability don’t mean they are the most perfect. They, too, could be having defects in their design elements. The poor features present could be due to multiple reasons. For instance, we all know that no one is perfect. Even that great and successful website makes mistakes. The team behind its work may not have had time to keenly looking at the minor elements. They may also have lacked resources and are aware of a b thing requiring to be fixed but didn’t do that. Another mistake is that the company might have updated something wrong and are waiting to revise and relaunch it. That means you’re copying something that’ll be replaced soon.

Get inspired by other websites, just avoid depending on them

Would you be doing justice to your brand by adopting a more popular website? The answer is definitely no. Can you imagine copying another site and ending up with a website dated the day it was launched? It’s tragic, right? The internet has a lot of web content. Therefore, don’t expect a visitor to waste time interacting with a site poorly designed and lacks creativity. It’s a turn off for most people. Furthermore, distinguishing your brand from competitors’ should be a priority in web design. That means copying outdoes this purpose destroying your brand’s story by making it dull and wasteful. You may be tempted to think that a web copy with generic features will adequately support your products or services, but no because it weakens instead.

Should you copy a website design?

 Put in mind that your brand is defined by the written content and promises assured. But instead of enhancing your brand’s narration, the unoriginal story overshadows it. Also, we don’t suggest that you shouldn’t be inspired by a well-doing competitor’s site. Getting inspired doesn’t mean copying directly. You may come across a language or features you like from a competitor’s site, which could probably be reflecting in your brand, please don’t hesitate to apply them differently in your way. Use those ideas but in a unique manner to bring out something looking original. Various websites contain different elements that can open your mind to create a truly outstanding experience for your web visitors, which gives a distinct perception about what you’re capable of.

How to embrace your uniqueness

Just like other things, balance s what differentiates a good or bad web design. Your company’s main focus is the brand, uniqueness, and what customers are offered. The following examines how your web design accomplishes the three things;

Make your site navigable and presentable by designing

Apart from wanting your site to appear nice, another wish is optimizing it for better guidance to your prospects. Find out how good you can make it showcase and highlight keywords for page visitors to acquire more resources from it and decide. Clearly, navigating another company’s site won’t do any good to your site since the branding and content differ entirely. Pay more attention to straightforward components in the design work as you balance with elements such as similar interfaces and pop screens, among others. You should also look at the solutions to be offered and the means by which they can be displayed to help the client reach you out.

Have an outstanding brand tale

A customer normally frequents a service or product they trust. Suppose a site is copied. Be sure trust issues will be developed due to some elements that seem to have been derived from another source. It’s even worse if that customer has ever come across the same design from the site your information got lifted from. Consequently, your website looks generic, as if the owner doesn’t care about being unique for customers. They’ll simply think you’re a genius. In case you ever think of seeking to be inspired by other sites, it’s best to know how good you’ll present your content.

Should you copy a website design?

Ask yourself questions like, what colour is your company’s brand? What are the best layouts and shapes that’d properly bring out your brand’s philosophy? What about the logo? Finding great answers to these questions will inform wonderfully about your design. A unique story helps build a true site for what’s being offered, and in the end, that’s what enhances your connection with clients. Another compromised thing when a website is copied is the brand’s consistency. A page does well if it maintains the image being published by a company. Have a link between the design and language. That implies that lifting a layout or design from another site to one of your pages; it’ll look offside. Learn to always have a true story to constantly connect your online page user to your company’s brand.

Effective communication to your audience

How best does your web design speak to your target market? Maybe you’re the only one in love with your competitor’s website, not your customers. Think more about how your customers are looking for in your company. Again, pay attention to how your business connects to them. Your brand and visitors’ connection is determined by the design you develop since it addresses their needs, not because it resembles other popular websites.

Reasons why copying may not work for you

  • Maintenance- We’ve got design approaches in need of consistent updates to stay fresh- for example, a company blog. You should never attempt if you know there are no resources or effort to keep it on as they do.
  • Scale- One needs more user interface horsepower to sort through numerous articles or products as compared to a simple website design.
  • Integration- this is purely about the relevance of user experience. Most design elements work together and not in isolation. Therefore, removing one element and replacing it with another context may not rhyme with your other design’s components.
  • Audience- In web design, usability relates to the user and their roles. What if your page users are more technically savvy as likened to the majority dominating the bigger sites you admire? In most cases, users will have more specialized information about your problems than the general group.

Offering protection to your website

Is it possible to protect your website from copy cats? It may seem challenging to protect your site from unauthorized copying. However, you can use some options to do that. For instance, you can restrict your content from being saved by visitors. Another way is hiding your source code and functionality you believe is uniquely yours. Generally, copyright protection can be instant, but you can limit unauthorized copying by inserting a notice in case it happens. Some people also choose to monitor trademarks to make sure no website infringes your registered rights. You can as well be keen on competitors’ websites to get updates whenever their sites get amended. By doing so, you’ll be in a position to tell if they’ve lifted any of your registered rights.

What’s next after your site has been copied?

Once you notice your site has been copied, simply reach out to the alleged website owner. Let them know that you’re aware and request the content to be deleted. Additionally, send them a legal letter describing your claims and ask them to remove the infringing information. You could even use both techniques to have your problem solved. Nevertheless, the person who has copied may not cooperate. In such a case, you can seek legal advice if it’s the best way for you and your company.

The bottom line

Many businesses all over the world have a website as their online marketplace. It’s important to create a good website for your customers to enhance your success. However, someone can be tempted to use current websites in modifying or modelling theirs. Doing that will only bring harm to your business, as we discussed earlier in the article. Don’t forget that copying risks visitors leaving your site for other pages. As a result, there would be no sales and no prospects. Remember, your website is important to make your brand unique and a critical tool for the business. Committing to investing and increasing your website design makes sure your brand loyalty is maintained, and the business will keep growing in the future. If you don’t know how to develop a good web design, please seek professional help from a developer or a content marketing farm.

 You can copy willfully, but put in mind not to infringe on other companies’ intellectual property rights. Also, you could be the victim whose site’s design has been copied. Try to reach out to this person and ask them to eliminate your content from their site. In case it doesn’t happen, then proceed to take legal action.