Small Business Website Examples

The 21st business activities have gone online. Websites are a paramount tool in facilitating eCommerce. Regardless of the industry you are operating in, you need to have a website so as stand tall in your area of specialization. For you to attain the level of success, you are craving for then you need to come up with a kind of website that is well designed.

You should ensure that your business website reflects your firm and values. Put in great consideration that you will have limited time in demonstrating what your business is all about. This then means that your message needs to be brief and precise.

It is also worth noting that the days when websites were presumed luxurious are long gone. Today even small business owners are craving to have whatever they do being online. It is advisable to consider drawing inspiration from the already existing websites in the event you are attempting to come up with a new business or advancing the already existing site.

The website is an important marketing item in that; it creates brand awareness, acquires clients and enables your business to be accessed online. The best of all is that it easily covers the visitors to your site into reliable clients.

Here are examples of small business websites which can inspire your efforts to create your website.

Small Business Website Examples


It is much likely to make fun of influencer marketing. Social media is impactful when it comes to influencer marketing. Through social media, authentic influencers have managed to promote brands as well as their products.

Traackr examines influencers, and assists brands tap into their marketing powers the right way. The design of this small business website which encompasses eye-pleasing colours, scroll-triggered animations and blocks of staggering images, make it visually appealing.


Starting up a small business comes with a lot to be done. MOAT is a great saviour to small business starters. It assists entrepreneurs as well as businesses in turning their concepts into digital products. This is done by aiding them in designing their website as well as branding.

Being a small business itself, MOAT’s website proves to be an example that employs the use of a minimal colour scheme to build a clean design that is appealing to the sight of the site visitors.

It is known for being clean and having a professional appearance. This is enough in providing any potential client with a good impression upon getting to the page.

Their work is great as they have a clear CTA positioned in their footer where a visitor can click and get more know-how.


ROI is known to be murky, especially when dealing with digital marketing channels. The strala’s software aids in gathering as well as compiling analytics to ease their interpretation.

The website design, as well as the screenshots, are emanating from their software, showing attention to shape and colour. All the corners of Strala have pops of a combination of amazing colours.

The oranges, bright pinks, purples incorporated against the stark black gives a pleasant look.


They pronounce the description to the philosophy guiding the selection of their goods as the kind that makes one feel spunky, sassy, strong and smart. Their commerce design incorporates an attractive palette of pinks as well as reds, then some nice photos of ladies in the process of modelling their products.


One of the toughest experiences is searching for a piece of decent music in an attempt to license a video project. However, with Soundstripe, this can work better.

Soundstripe provides well-produced songs of high quality as well as sound effects at a relatively fair price. The visitors are enticed to have a look at their sonic offerings at the top of their home page. This happens with three royalty tracks.

Soundstripes presents its work in an organized manner; thus, their design is quite appealing. All the kind of jams you are after can easily be obtained through a simple scroll with a few clicks.


The mushrooming of coworking spaces has turned out to be an alternative for those who are not looking for the traditional office. Numerous companies have learned about this, and they are in the move to make better use of such chances.

What these firms need to get right is that coworking space is more than a room equipped with all office equipment right from tables, chairs name them all.

Alley has got this right. They take part in hosting events as well as opportunities to collaborate that see people coming together.

Alley’s website is capable of designing relies on blocks or grids having numerous community photos. Their design is a good indicator of a coworking space bursting with the energy of those who utilize it.


This platform offers salespeople a tool to enable them to get better leads. The tool also is made to enable them to make communications efficiently.

The best thing with this small business website design is that it does not encourage sales clichés or marketing speak. The presentation of their software is done in a design that is balanced and easy to follow.


This platform assists businesses to grow with traditional software, inclusive of other technologies. The great focus for this site is demonstrating what they produce as well as services. They attain this by use of screenshots as well as other visuals.


Getting down to a niche in the populated world of business software solutions can be a challenging task. Mighty provides a kind of software that is capable of tracking personal injury liens. Such include items like treasured data for billers, lawyers as well as many other individuals in the medical business.

With no use of excessive terminologies or bland design, this platform expounds on aesthetic regarding the small business website that inculcates attention on the action.

They make use of animated icons, bold headlines as well as other micro-interactions that are designed to work in the lively layout. They employ the use of blog concerning technical articles but which are conversational as well as accessible to those who are not experts.

World Financial Group

Through small business, World Financial Group is attempting to bring about financial freedom to entrepreneurs. Several companies come to have the same dream, but they end up attaining varying levels of success in the same.

Word Financial Group is different from other companies as it fills its layout with fabulous design work and quality content that employs the use of an honest voice in conveying all they intend to attain.

Architectural Firm- Stillwater Dwellings

This website offers a good example of how a business can influence its website to drive consciousness. It garners high ranks in results searching and gives its readers good service through offering breadth information concerning what the business deals with. It also goes ahead to reflect the prices, portfolio as well as the process used. By giving out all this vital information, it aids qualify probable leads.

In the current world, people are seriously looking for aspects which can make their lives more comfortable, and a home is one of them. Many still are craving to understand what a home is and how it should look like. The most key thing about a home is that it should be designed in a way to meet the lifestyle desires of the owner.

Stillwater Dwellings believes that coming up with a new home requires great care. This can be attained through one taking into consideration their needs as well as wishes. One should also remember their reputation of equipping them with a home that has been beautifully designed as well as crafted following the directives of Stillwater experts.

Web Design Agency- HTMLBurger

Having your website is the best way to showcasing one’s skills as a web design agency. The HTMLBurger homepage presents the appearance as well as the feel of its design and the elements used in attaining great website designing skills. The layout in this example is simple as well as easy to follow.

The scheme applied to colouring is simple as well and appealing to the eyes. It uses playful animations that are eye-catching. This makes it possible to easily get the attention of probable customers as they attempt to learn more about it.

In a situation whereby you are attempting to add chat functionality to your site, then you are not aware where to begin, it is advisable to attempt using Freshchat. What is fresh chat? This is an AI-Powered chatbot that is conversational, artificial intelligence. It emphasizes client intent prompt resolution as well as clear-cut answers.

Through its improved technology, you can provide all those who visit your website with a customized shopping experience. This can be attained while at the same time enhancing your lead generation support channels and engagement.

Café – Rise

This is aimed at serving those who are visiting the café’s website. It comprises items such as directions or menu so that those who would wish to visit them can do so in person.  In case you wish to come up with a website similar to this, the procedure is simple; make use of Squarespace, then select “Atlantic”, which is a template for the category of “restaurants”.

Law Firm – Alston and Bird

This field encompasses various disciplines. It is known to be an expensive industry in generating leads. Its main aim is not just obtaining leads but having quality ones. The Alston and Bird are prominent for their good job in qualifying those who visit the site. It attains this through placing services as well as industries in the front line. This is key as it aids those who visit the site in understanding if the law firm is appropriate for their legal matters.

In case you need to come up with a link of this kind, the attempt Wix. This simple to use and provides a prebuilt template that has almost the same layout.

Property Management – Cape House Caretakers

By visiting this site, visitors can get what they are looking for. They also get the chance to figure out whether it is the kind of business they may want to work with. This property management firm is based in Massachusetts. It is known to have a simple as well as a clean website for giving all sorts of information the visitors could be seeking.

Gardening Center – Treeland Nursery

This example outlines how a business can adopt a more strategic approach to their business site bearing quite comprehensive information backed by a special tool termed the Tree Finder Tool. This special tool aids those who visit the site in answering the question.

The questions to be answered pertains to the varieties of plants or trees suitable as per their needs as well as considering the prevailing environmental conditions on where they are to be planted. The fact that it is made easy for the visitors to come up with their own decisions, the chances of purchasing are a bit high.

Restaurant – Felix Trattoria

Restaurant Felix Trattoria is based in Los Angeles. It is a famous restaurant whereby it is not easy for one to get a table. The reservations to this restaurant are made online.

 The greatest advantage of this is that; it is a bit easier for clients to find reservations for a table. Also, it allows the business to run (accept reservations) during outside business working hours. This leads to the attainment of more reservations being created as well as an increased number of patrons.

Medical Services – Corrective Chiropractic

Corrective Chiropractic is based in Atlanta. It practices Chiropractic. This firm employs the use of its website in marketing. Through the site, they can make online bookings of appointments. Any business firm that makes the online booking of appointments should add an online appointment tool.

This tool is key to such a business as it helps in relieving the staff time spent on the phone. It also simplifies the process through which people make an appointment, thus increasing the chances of many people making such appointments.

Hair Salon – 02 Salon

 This is based in Portland. It is known to have a huge menu of services emanating from various members of staff. The good this is that the beehive of activities to be attended to does not stop them from making use of their website too to produce offline sales. This is simply attained through accepting appointment online.

Many clients to this firm prefer making their appointments online. The reason for this being that it will offer them adequate time to look at conveniences then make a comparison as per their programs.

Looking forward to creating a website that concentrates on an online booking mechanism, then goes for; GoDaddy Websites. This is known to be one of the best online booking schemes currently in the market.

Web Design – LLT Group

LLT Group is a well-known web design company that takes a special method to its website plan. It attains these by dividing its website layout into two columns which are uneven to showcase its customers while at the same time offering a message as well as two call-to-action buttons.

It creates social proof by adding a recognizable customer on its homepage right above the fold. The site is designed in such a way that in whichever direction the visitor’s eyes will go, they will be provided with an option to convert. This is achieved through the use of “Start a Project” and CTA (call to action) buttons which have been placed in two positions.

Software as a Service (Saas) – Drip

Drip is a platform for marketing e-mail. It adopts a modern tactic to web design. It does this by use of its left-aligned navigation that offers space to enhance two CTA buttons. This happens from the right-hand side of the header. It does the backing of the two CTAs combining them with a third that happens to be on the left-hand side of the screen.

The best part of it is that a visitor will end up attaining their aim as there is a CTA button to aid them in achieving their goal. In case you are looking forward to creating a page with similar features to this, then go to lead pages. This will help you in coming up with effective landing pages that a key in aiding in driving sales.

Senior Living – Parkway Place

Park place is a living facility based in Houston. It generates leads of high quality by use of CTA, which facilitates visit scheduling. Visitors to the site to trace an assisted living facility will click the CTA to arrange a visit. The people who could be having questions, for instance, the type of insurance one should hold or the availability, will click on the phone number given for help.

Restaurant – Spread

Spread is a deli based in San Jose. It is an example showing how a business with several locations can run its site. This can be achieved in a situation whereby hours, as well as menus, differ as a result of location. Apart from creating a single website for a business having several locations, it goes further to include an online system for ordering to allow those who visit the site to purchase.

Education – Small Hands Big Art

This is an education business that is based in Charlotte. It makes its sales online, whereby it gives those who visit their website to enrol their kid. This makes work easy for parents wishing to enrol their children in school. Through this Small Hands, Big Art has managed to increase enrollment.

Online Retailer – Wolfgang & Company

This is a dog treat business that has an eCommerce website bearing the products that are sold online. The truth about this firm is that most of their sales are made via distributors as well as local stores.

 To increase the number of sales, they have an online platform that gives more people the opportunity to purchase their goods. This has increased their sales further.

Food Service – The Kitchen Eatery

This is a restaurant based in Hampshire. With the CTA button, the visitors to their site can make their orders online. It also emphasizes on a reader getting to their website; therefore, they have their address well put at the forefront of their website.

Digital Marketing – Haus

Haus, which is a development agency firm based in Los Angeles, is known for presenting its website in an engaging as well as entertaining way. Their website is termed to be clean but visually stimulating.

By reinventing the use of the carousel, they succeeded in making a simple and appealing layout.

Auto Repair – RepairSmith

This website is a good example directing on how a website can create leads by providing a clear way to be followed by its website visitors.

The attainment of this has been made possible by the use of a restructured website design that trail a good UX design principle.  

Event Planning – Bellafare

A website is important to event coordinatorsas it offers them an opportunity to present their styles as well as concepts the moment they are working on a given project.

Bellafare’s site is made to showcase a gallery of photos that are presented on a clean white backdrop. The website of this firm provides all sorts of elements needed by any event coordinators to market their brand.

Home Improvement – Signature Kitchen and Bath

Upon landing on the homepage of this firm, you are met by their specialization, social links as well as offer for a free estimate. This is likely to attract a visitor to the website as they will already get answers to the questions they were probably asking themselves.

Accommodation – Brass Lantern Inn

The website of this firm is quite imposing on desktop as well as mobile. The design is easy to navigate. It contains numerous photos as well as videos to take you around the property.

It contains several user-friendly reservations system as well as integrated features such as; maps, weather apps. The easy user experience gained by visitors makes it easy as well as more likely for them to finish an online booking.

It is worth noting that photography of high quality makes a great impact on hotels as well as accommodation businesses. For your website to garner the highest numbers of bookings, then you definitely need to use top-notch images. Houz is the best platform you need to use to get photographers who are experienced in real estate photography.


Confluera uses a bit commanding tone in communicating the way their anti-hacker software performs its task. Breaching data is a meaningful threat. The use of a non-friendly voice is a clear indication that they are not messing along.

The Balloon Queen

It is all about the helium content filled. This design is filled with micro-interactions as well as hover impacts and movement.


They make apps for the businesses that manufacture appliances such as lights and thermostats. Their much emphasis is on the functionality of coming up with software and leave their customers to concentrate on the hardware.

The design reflects on calculated restraint then provide enough on the landing page to outline the benefits coming with their services. The top-bottom of their landing page has main calls action displayed, which are supposed to be used in sending them messages(e-mailing) or making an arrangement to call them to learn more.


Any serious business person would wish to make a proper tracing of their finances. The idea of being an adult is not itself enough to assume that you are careful with your spending.

Income is important in aiding you to control your spending. There are attention-grabbing headers as well as screenshots to offer a peek concerning how Income functions.  The important bit about all is that the design is clear and easy to navigate. If you wish to get it right on how you would like to manage your finances, the Income is all that you need.


This website provides custom retreats for businesses. Its design encompasses the branding of a luxury hospitality business. This can be termed to be a good match for what one offers.

It is a photo like design that has a huge dazzling image of beautiful locales. These images are combined with plenty of scroll-triggered animation, which enables one to keep movements within the page.

Fortnight Studio

Fortnight Studios makes itself unique from other agencies by concentrating on startups. It is worth noting that you should not get into this agencies’ website hoping to find an extensive portfolio.

As they are straightforward inputting it, “purposefully small design,” they exactly up to it. They offer you a really small peek at their work with a parallel scrolling gallery of projects as well as logos of the key parties they have ever contacted transactions with.

Nalen Ayurveda

This website sells given specialized products for skincare. The website design projects a sense of calm following the products they day with. This is attained through a colour palette of light blue combined with earth tones.

Pizzeria Libretto

Pizza. A famous dish. One thing about it is that; it is not the most glamorous sustenance as it sounds. Whenever it is mentioned, it does not direct your mind to think of some sort of a good diet.

The reality is that a good number of restaurants have upscaled price tags for this dish. For instance, the case with the Pizzeria Libretto website is that their design employs the use of; huge and bold images that have simple branding.

The pictures of a beautiful space, some wine served in classy stemless glasses, hand-tossed dough, among other items, give your mind a different image of pizza.

Through the design presented on their website, they do not have to tell you about the cost of their pizza. Communication through the website is enough. In fact, you see the cost.

Since the most crucial piece of information they intend to convey is well done, any other thing is kept minimal. The lesson one should get right straight from here is that; whichever kind of information you intend to pass has to be visual.

Oxalis Adventure

The Oxalis Adventure Company is based in Vietnam. It is known for its difficult sales proposition. This company conducts the sales of caving adventures that fetch thousands of dollars. The fun bit about this company is that most of its sales go to people who have never been to Vietnam. Their clients are tourists.

Oxalis uses animated banners that arouse a sense of adventure the moment one comes along them. Upon visiting this company’s website, you come across buccaneers crossing rock outcroppings then see them engrossed in underground rivers. All this will definitely make you long for being one of those buying from the company.

It is worth noting that the use of animated banners is not one of the best options. The reason why Oxalis Adventures uses them successfully is that what they are presenting is spectacular to look at as well as a thing that clients would like to see. For example, take a vehicle mechanic or a car washer using an animated banner, then the results will be different. In this case, the animated banner will not be effective.


This website uses a nice colour scheme. Its scheme is made of bold primary colour combined with a secondary shade which is a bit contrasting but appealing to the eyes and not striking. It has a good performance.

The huge flashing bits used are not high-resolution pictures that require to be downloaded but are shaped with CSS. The simplicity of the site is a crucial element of its branding.

Cryptocurrency is thought to be a complex thing that can be hardly be understood by those who do not have any technical knowledge about it.

The BitLocation website is designed to appear like a thing that can be created by a Lego, displays a sense of elegance as well as refinement.

This tells that if your clients are complaining of you doing complex staff, then you have no option but to make it appear simpler.


Through this website, we study the use of bold colours. In our case, Gogoro has made integrated the colours of their products with their website’s colours. The moment the site loads up, you are met by a good-looking tomato red together with sky blue. This is presented through an eye-appealing banner made of the same shades.

On clicking any of the five buttons, the original display is replaced by another, which is almost similar. All the displays are appealing to the eyes.

The important part of it all is that Gogoro’s website has more to than flash. On scrolling down, you come across a nice web of links to correlated materials that equips you with all that Gogoro does.

Yogala Studios

For one to sell a Yoga studio in L.A, they will not have an option but to perform something that appears funny. One has to know to sell an experience that appears luxurious, but the trick is you should not put much emphasis on the luxury bit.

You have to learn the trick of telling your clients how they are fulfilled spiritually as well as being pampered at the same moment.

Yogala achieves all this with much ease. They attain through the use of harmonious design inclusive of elements of kitsch as well as a quirk.

To begin with, Yogala website is made up of a homey, cursive logo (that appears to be hand-drawn), unlike the expected fashionable or minimalist insignia.

The emphasis on visual outlook gives the ‘small’ in their small business a clear meaning. A number of their graphics employs the use of a pentagon frame, unlike the normal circular framing. This gives the layout a sort of artistic touch as it appears irregular.


This is a kind of service that gives retail investors a chance to purchase small parts of startups the same way publicly traded firms do. It can be assumed to be halfway between a startup incubator as well as an online brokerage.

This is attained through the use of classic bank colours that is grey, green and black. There is an allowance for one to add some trivial touches of personality along with the curved corners or dots.


In a situation whereby your business is dealing with liquor or, let’s say, a commodity like pizza, you may not necessarily go ahead to put many details about all that you do.

But in a case where the kind of business you are transacting is not familiar to many people, then you do not have any option but to go ahead explaining what it is all about.

This company falls under the category of unfamiliar businesses. They are a moving concierge service. These customers are the people who are moving whereby they assist them in arranging for a mover. They also aid them in other areas such as; changing their addresses and any other activity done in the event one is relocating.

They take time in explaining how they work as well as the advantages which comes with their services. The only thing you need to do is scroll down their page, and you have all information you need to have about them.

Eleven Madison Park

Cleanliness is known to be one of the luxurious things in human life. Talk of a hotel room that has been dressed perfectly, a clean office, a well-tailored suit or a sparkling clean car. Madison Park, which is an expensive restaurant, advertises its luxury by use of a simple site. The type of space provided is minimal as well as modern. Their website is full white space with little decoration.

The fact that their website is simple does not present Eleven Madison Park to be simple. Everything on their website in place. The navigation sidebar on the site has much to be studied. It slides out slowly, though not in a manner that may irritate. It does it in what can be said to be a smooth and gradual fashion.


This firm deals with handmade leather shoes as well as accessories from Italy.Velasca’s website is displayed as being clean and simple. It showcases the brand’s atmosphere, which is Italian.

On the website, you will make a note of fonts that have been carefully selected combined with quality images.The menu portrays hand-drawn artworks for the links. It clearly shows the type of shoes or the accessories lead link.


This firm is based in Australia. It deals with babies and children clothing. Its website is designed by use of soft and gentle colours. This is combined with several images showing the materials as well as the design used in making a given product. Their menu is forthright and accessible from any part of their site.


This firm manufactures innovative advanced sports attires and clothing for men. The design of this website employs the use of bold fonts combined with monotone colours to stress the item on sale. It also has many quality images as well as CTAs such as “select a size.”


It is an online store that deals with jewellery. Their website is designed to have a pair of strong marking with applicable functionality. The site also has stunning photographs, and it showcases appealing designs. Upon scrolling down, visitors are impelled to sign for Bluboho’s mailing list. The product pages on the site feature several images and details. The fact that the website is accustomed to mobile devices makes it great.

Why small businesses must have a website

Website to small businesses has become a vital tool; here are some of the reasons why small businesses need to have one.

  • A website serves as a tool that levels the playing ground. This gives room for small businesses to compete in the same environment as big businesses.
  • A website makes it easy for clients to find your business, get to know more about it and get enough information regarding the type of products or services you offer.
  • It is a tool through which you engage your customers through build credibility as well as trust with clients.
  • Through the website, you can perform marketing campaigns. This is done via search engines and social media.

Bottom line

Small business owners need to learn that times have changed, and everyone is finding their way to eCommerce. The enabling tool to moving the business in this direction owns a website.

Looking at different small business websites analyzed in this article, you will learn that they share a lot. For instance, they have a good understanding of the potential client’s mind. Almost all of them have huge content, but the content is not too much.

You will also learn that the main aim of these websites is to capture the attention of those who visit them, intending to hold them and convert them to a client to the business. All that is what you need to in your website, and you are about to go.