Website Development Services

Website Development Services

Web development entails all services that revolve around web markup and coding. Such services include server and network security configuration, content management system creation, server-side scripting, e-commerce development, and client-side scripting.

Web development can apply to anything from a single plain-text page to creating a complex social network.

With the internet becoming the hallmark of conducting the business of the day, we don’t expect it to go anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it may ease everything to the point of changing every aspect of our lives.

The world population stands at about 7.9 billion people. This is according to the United Nations population index estimates of 2021. Of this population, 4.6 billion persons have access to and use the internet.

Clearly, this is an indicator that the use of the internet will only grow. Mark you, when these figures were compared to internet usage in 2020, it was found out that there was an increase of 319 million people in less than 12 months. These would be massive figures if you considered other factors that are ever in play.

Whichever reason compels you to log online; the denominator is that you need a website. Those who post content need one, and consumers of the said content need it – basically making it a common attraction.

These web pages are designed, coded and maintained by web developers. In this segment, we take you through the web development process. We shall begin with the basics, and the process will follow.

Website Development Services

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Website: files stored on servers or hosts which are connected to the internet.

Browser: computer software that loads the website via the internet connection.

Client: your computer.

IP Address: IP stands for internet protocol. These are set standards that govern interaction on the internet. An IP address is, therefore, a unique string of numbers representing a device’s or websites identity.

HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol allows you to jump between site pages. Essentially, it is a set of rules that define how messages should be sent over the internet. In layman term, it is a translator for you and the server. HTTP reads your requests whenever you type anything on the engine; it transmits and receives the code sent back from the server and translates it to you in the form of a webpage.

Coding: This is essentially programming. It involves writing codes for servers and applications. Coding is done in special languages – with which the use depends on if it is used for front-end or back-end.

Front-end: this is the user side of the web page. Therefore, a front-end code enables you to interact freely with the website. Essentially, the code enables the website to function continually without necessarily communicating repeatedly with the internet.

Back-end: This the code developers create that enables your server to communicate with your computer seamlessly. As the user, you won’t see this code. It is just a bunch of numbers, letters and symbols that create a digital infrastructure that only developers are versed with.

Another notable difference between back-end and front-end codes is the language used. Front-end languages do not vary too much as browsers only understand JavaScript. On the other hand, one can configure the ser4vers to understand any language.

CMS: content management system is a program used in web content management.

Cybersecurity: this is the practice of securing user data on the internet. Hackers use sophisticated methods to obtain private information from your computer or a page you are surfing. They may even cause your computer to crash. Developers need to create secure sites for the clients.

Types of Web Development

Are you looking to hire a web developer for your new exciting gig? Utopia is your best bet. We are an inclusive award-winning web development company ready to create, design, and develop your website project at reasonable rates.

Moreover, it is beneficial if you got to know various types of web development available. From this list, you can choose whichever project you are interested in hiring for.

  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Embedded Development
  • Desktop Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Game Development
  • Security Development
  • Full Stack Development

Developers can master and specialise in one or many of these sections. Some do overlap in one service. Your service provider will determine which one works best for the project you intend to carry out.

Web development coding

Front-end development

Front-end developers work on the user interface of websites. They basically design and create visual aspects of the software such as graphics, layout, navigation, and other UI aesthetics. 

These developers need data collected on user experience to put together a viable piece for the client. Usually, more alterations are done after the testing phase. High-quality UI is determined by the end user’s satisfaction and ability to realise their goals on the site.

Back-end development

This involves the background processes that power the front end of the site. Developers working on the back end essentially create and build servers, programs, and pieces of software that enables seamless running of the website.

This is literally the background of a website. From here, you get databases, APIs, content, servers, site structure, and operating systems. These systems lay the foundation from which a website is run and stored.

Embedded development

This involves the development of non-computing devices. Of course, they are essentially computers, but they don’t have the conventional keyboard and monitors. Typically, they work on other supporting hardware such as electronic interfaces, IoT devices, consumers devices and real-time systems.

With the current trend of wireless interconnection and smart devices, embedded development is gaining a lot of traction in the industry.

Desktop development

This service involves the creation of software that runs locally on your desktop without necessarily logging online. Sometimes these pieces of software may double up to use the internet and be used while offline, which means that their skillset should be wide to accommodate both areas.

Mobile development

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets do not use similar operating systems as desktops. This means the language used in developing software to be used here is different. This service, therefore, requires some level of specialisation in mobile programming languages.

Game development

Gaming online has evolved from just a fun activity online to career opportunities for many. That’s why you get many people coming up with online games. Game development involved creating code for gaming applications. These are basically video games that can be found commonly on PlayStation and Xbox.

Security development

This stage of development involves trying to discover site vulnerabilities to hacking and fixing those loopholes. These developers essentially hack the websites to strengthen their security framework.

Web development process

Full-stack development

This involves the whole front-end and back-end packages of website development. The developers can commit to creating software or application from beginning to end.

This field basically encompasses all services on website development, including site optimisation, UX, server and other vital functionalities that assist in running a website.

Web development process

Based on the content we covered in the previous section, it is evident that the process of website development is not as straightforward as one may think or like. There is several types of website development, languages, platforms, and devices to be considered; we expect there should not be a clear and standard web development procedure for all.

We may not cover every bit of the web development process, but we will try and put everything out there for your benefit. In this segment, we’ll take you through an overview of the web development process.

Plan formulation

This is the first-ever step into any project, be it research or technical as we have here. Come up with a feasible plan for your website. This requires you to liaise with your team members and your clients.

Here are some common pointers to generating a decent project plan;

  • Why are you creating a website? What is your objective?
  • Who is your audience on the project?
  • What kind of a website are you building? Is it recreational, gaming, eCommerce, reading, entertainment, etc.?
  • Is it going to need content, what type, and what volume?
  • Plan for your structural layout for seamless navigation.
  • Do you have a budget? How much does it cover?

Create a blueprint

A project blueprint is like a vision map. Or and inspiration into the work you intend to carry out. It is often known to developers as a wireframe or a sitemap. Apart from serving to guide the developer, a sitemap gives the client a sneak preview of the project’s layout and deliverables with the available resources.

For instance;

  • Do you want individual pages? Can they be converted into categories?
  • What content will go to what page?
  • What will be the page hierarchy?
  • How will they link?

Work on your site code

Next, you need now to create the code. And again, this is the stage where we put our programming expertise, including the usage of different programming languages for back-end and front-end development projects. This ensures the smooth functioning of your website. Here are some common languages used in this stage.

Website Development Services


This forms the foundation of your site. The HyperText Markup Language (HTML) can be used for creating a full-stack website. However, the functionality won’t be that seamless.

That is why CSS and JavaScript are used further to modify and enhance codes created using HTML.


This is essentially an aesthetic code. Cascading Style Sheets is used by developers to transform your site to match the aesthetic you envisioned. And it is compatible with all browser engines.


This is the most used coding language globally today. It is used to add functionality on websites, including automating tasks, adding animations, and enhancing user experience by adding interactive features. Besides, it can be used for both back-end and front-end development processes.

CSS, JavaScript, and HTML are the three basic coding languages widely used in web development. However, there is a myriad of others such as Java, Python, SQL, C++, etc.

You will need to build the back-end of the site, which contains two main components. These are; the servers and the database.


Servers send, process and receive data requests. The code here is the intermediary between the database and the client (your computer). When you punch the information in your browser, it is sent in the form of a code in which the server communicates with the database and responds accordingly.


A database is tasked with storing, organising, and processing data so that it can be retrieved at the command of the server.

These two back-end components work in tandem to ensure your front-end works well. Three utilities are established at this stage; the logic code, database management, and the infrastructural utility.

The logic code is essentially a set of commands or rules that decide how your website responds to certain requests. Database management decides how the site organises, manages and retrieves data. Finally, the infrastructural utility establishes how the site is hosted. There are plenty of web hosting services out there; however, if you wanted to maintain a sense of control on your site, you can host on your own. This is, however, costly.

Having taken you through all the basics with the back-end development step in website development, it is probably the best time to tell you sometimes this facet in development is not really required.

If you don’t need users to log into your site, or don’t store any kind of data whatsoever, then you don’t need the back-end aspect of a website. However, take, for instance, Instagram or any other social site that one is required to log in and store their data there; back-end is essential in such cases.

Build front-end

The front-end aspect of your website controls components such as typography, fonts, navigation, positioning, responsiveness, and compatibility. This is the window to your site where users interact with. You can combine CSS, JavaScript, and HTML in coding.

The use of Content Management Systems

You have probably heard of people creating their sites on WordPress or CMS options include plugins that negate the need to code a back-end. On these platforms, you can get a website created in incredibly reduced times. However, they limit your control and cannot customise your website since they use standard templates. Also, if you wanted a domain name, you will have to pay.

Launch your site

Once you have an IP address, a domain name and a host, you are ready to launch the website. Before you publish it out there, double-check your sites’ responsiveness, SEO optimisation, and glitches. If all systems are on “go”, flip that switch, and have your site active.

Web design services

Web design begins before creating a website and continues even after you develop your site. At Utopia, we get you the best the industry provides in web development and design.

Our team of professional developers tailors our top-notch design services to meet your company’s unique services and needs.

Learn more about website design services we offer;

Affordable Website Design
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WordPress Blog Web Designs
Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation

SEO cumulatively refers to the set of rules that enhance your site’s ranking on the search engines. We integrate your digital marketing strategy into our best web design plans to give you an advantage on the relevant SERPs.

If a client is observant to search engine optimisation practises, they get better exposure and hence more traffic and clicks. The more visible your site is to the relevant audience, the more you rank on the search engine. This helps your business further attract customers – if you run a marketing or business website.

Our designers can coordinate and collaborate with your marketing team to develop a tailored service for you to enhance visibility.

Web pages

At Utopia, you can trust us with your web page creation service – which we handle professionally and with quality.


We are aware that you will like your site to capture and communicates your brand. This is to say that your style must be incorporated into the design to bring out the sophistication, image and quality of your brand. That is why we offer unlimited style formats you can choose from. Here are a few;

  • Simple and attractive
  • Moderate and styling
  • High-end
  • World-class
  • web copywriting

we can create for you a compelling software copy that is highly engaging that attracts visitors to drive up traffic and clicks. All these are done by our capable team of copywriters with excellent skills and expertise in technical and non-technical sectors of the market.

Responsive web designs

Responsive designs

We offer to make your site responsive and compatible on all devices, including mobile. Most of the internet users we mentioned earlier access it from the phone. Therefore, they do their shopping, purchases and managing their searches on the go. To win overall this market, you need to make products that favour them.

Some companies develop two websites; one for mobile and the other to be accessed on the desktop. We recommend you create one. This means you have cut costs on maintenance and other hidden expenses.

Additionally, Google has adopted the mobile-first index principle when crawling websites to retrieve results on the engine. If Google doesn’t find your site responsive to mobile devices, it modifies your ranking on the SERPs. Meaning you may be on the first page but find yourself on the third overnight. We don’t want this happening to your business; contact us now.

Why you should invest in professional website design services

Let’s hypothetically, your site can’t seem to attract the traction it requires in the market to generate sufficient ROI. Then comes a designer who works on your SEO, your site’s responsiveness, integration, and web pages, improving your content and traffic in the process. After a while, you start having a surge in data analytics, and your site improves in ranking. Would you be adamant about investing in the same service in future?

Web design services such as those mentioned above are crucial for business websites to compete favourably in the digital market. In a nutshell, a well-designed website will attract more visitors, increase clicks, enhance conversions, and drive up your site ratings on the search engine.

These results impact positively on the company sales and hence improving your market share. Further, ensuring a steady growth into other company challenges.

How we design websites

Here is our design strategy; developing a creative layout, content creation, web optimisation, and testing.


The success of your site will be determined by how attractive your website looks. Generally, to attract people, you need to integrate classic graphics, including images and videos, in the design. Also, the media users need to be responsive.

Being responsive in web development means that the content should be able to resize itself to be accessed from any device. Ensure that you have a good-looking site and that it is responsive on mobile devices, then you’ll have the attention of your clients. Let’s see how you can keep them there;


You need to make it easy for a visitor to get what they came for from your site. Sometimes, you may click on a page that opens t another with links leading you off to another website entirely. Such complications will lose your customers.

Make the visitor’s journey as straightforward as possible. Recently, people have started using the breadcrumb element to affect their navigation strategy.

With this navigation, users can switch from one page to another. You can also use links to specific topics. There are several navigation methods you can use in designs. Whichever method you settle for, ensure you are giving the visitor great experiences.


Keeping the buyer’s attention on the products determines whether they buy or don’t.

You can catch their attention by;

  • Video marketing. Video empowers you to summarise complex ideas in a matter of minutes instead of forcing visitors to read long pages of text.
  • Downloadable content. Most downloads can consist of a .zip file full of resources or a text-based PDF packed with insider information.
  • Infographics keep people’s attention by presenting industry-related data with simplified, easy-to-understand visualisations.


Finally, you need to close the sale. This is a seller’s ultimate goal. To ensure you do so, use calls-to-action (CTAs) at the end of every page on your site.

A CTA acts as instructions, telling visitors what they should do next to get one step closer to becoming a customer. Usually, CTAs dramatically increase conversions in every online business model, from lead generation to charitable donations.

Whether you want to get someone to a contact page or have them make a purchase, it’s essential to include CTAs in your web design. That’s why our team of copywriters develop compelling CTAs that support your digital marketing goals, from increasing email subscribers to product purchases.

CTAs can take these forms;

  • Text links
  • Image links
  • Buttons
  • Form fields, etc.

Website Marketing Services.

The following are types of website marketing services:


An e-commerce website is a kind of website that can enhance one buy or sell tangible commodities, online services and any digital product. Going back to the history of trade, it is evident that trade has been in existence since the days of barter trade.

Over a long period, trade has grown from being exercised within a small community or a given region to become a global thing. This growth and development of trade can be attributed to globalisation which has made e-commerce a reality.

Electronic business or eCommerce can be defined as the sale or purchase of goods and services through electronic means. E-business also involves transferring money or data electronically. In the simplest language, we can define e-commerce as online shopping. E-business is so convenient that one can acquire whatever goods they require from their living room. E-commerce has been made easier by the invention of reliable electronic gadgets such as smartphones and computers. For one to enjoy electronic business services, they only require the right electronic gadget, internet then few clicks.

Electronic commerce websites are online portals that can conduct online dealings involving goods and services via means of the transmission of info and finances over cyberspace.

Types of E-Business websites

E-Commerce websites are referred to according to the role they do. Here are the types depending on their functions.

  • C2C (consumer to consumer). This website transacts goods or services between consumers. The transaction in this category mostly happens via a 3rd party. An example is a case whereby you sell your old television on OLX to another party.
  • B2B (business to business). This type of website conducts tractions of goods and services across companies—for example, a firm selling SAS commodities to another firm.
  • C2B (consumer to business). This website deals with transactions involving persons offering goods or services to companies. An example, in this case, involves an influencer in social media offering exposure to their online viewers for a fee.
  • B2C (business to consumer). This kind of website involves products and services dealings between companies and individuals. An example, in this case, is a situation whereby a consumer purchases a pair of shoes from an online firm.

Best E-Commerce websites currently include Esty, Amazon, Walmart, Taobao, eBay and Alibaba.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the way that enables you to earn money from a person or firm by simply promoting their goods and services online. It is one of the best avenues which can enable one to make finances while asleep. In other words, we say that affiliate marketing earns you passive income. This is because you earn your dues y simply adding an affiliate link to your site.

The link on your site will be clicked from time to time by readers without your contribution. The key role you have to play with affiliate marketing is to ensure that you attract many readers to your site. The more readers you have accessing your site, the more your earnings.

A successful affiliate has to lure many visitors to his or her site as well as have many email subscribers. This can be achieved easily if one adequately promotes themselves. Upon achieving this, you will automatically earn yourself streams of passive revenue.

Educational websites

Education has become a paramount item in the current world, and everyone is interested in acquiring it through all means. Good education comes with a price to pay. The most important factor one has to consider in going for a given level of education is time. As said, time is a very scarce commodity, and a good number of people struggle on how to get time to advance their levels of education.

In the era of the internet and MOOCs, it has become easy for one to join a given online site and move on with their studies. The advantage of online studies is that they are cheap, and the online classes can be conveniently arranged to fit one’s day’s schedule. With educational websites, one can access all learning from lectures, random tests to main exams. Here are some of the top websites in providing education: Edx, Howcast, Khan Academy, Brightstorm, Future Channel, CosmoLearning, to name a few.

Portfolio Websites

These type of websites deals with design works. The way your design portfolio is created speaks volumes to the targeted people. It is through the design of your portfolio where people will get to judge your skills, talent and proficiency.

Irrespective of the kind of designer you are, whether a multimedia artist, product designer, web designer, or illustrator, for that matter, your design portfolio is the mirror through which you will evaluate your potential clients. Since design can build or break your career, you should give all your best when creating a design portfolio.

Here are some of the best design portfolio which can inspire you in a way: Adrien Loret who is based in Paris is a prominent designer who deals with photography, illustration and typography. Marcus Artis is a branding and packaging designer. Others include; Brendan Dowling, Made Architects and Allison Bratnick.

Brochure Website

A brochure website design is the best method to use in promoting your company or business services. This method is cheap and can easily reach a wide population. Your brochure website needs to be simple and attractive. A brochure bears the services you offer by use of effective words accompanied by captivating images. You can place it on your company’s website social media pages to reach as many consumers as possible across numerous platforms.

You need to understand that your website brochure is like a car showroom, a supermarket or an apartment you a viewing. If the possible client is not impressed by the sight of the showroom, the apartment or the supermarket, they will not come back. So, this website is a great opportunity to engage potential consumers and win them.   

Entertainment Websites

A great entertainment website should show the targeted clients who you are. It should be designed in a way that makes people remember you. It should aid potential consumers in recalling if they got what they were searching for. Your website should be able to communicate all the intended message via design elements such as colour and shape. For a great and amazing entertainment website that can stand tall among other websites of the kind, you should seek the services of a professional designer. Hire a designer who has experience in the industry to make your vision stand.

Personal websites

Personal websites are key to students and professionals who are looking forward to taking their professions to another level. A good website will see you through competitive recruitment as it will sell you to the panellists. As you make or update your website, you should make sure that it does not sound like it is from a decade ago.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing refers to the act of conveying a commercial message to several people via email. This entails the use of email to convey advertisements, lobby for sales, aids and request business.

The creation of emails about one’s goods or services and sending them to a base of panoramas is a broadly used means of web marketing.

Email marketing is cheap, and thus it is targeted by many consumers. The shortcoming with email marketing is that the targeted customers get many emails in a day. This means that the chances of a client viewing your email are minimal. To ensure that your emails are read, you have to make them clear and straight to the point.

Research has shown that over sixty thousand searches are done on Google every second. Firms pay for their content to be at the top of the search. Google ads are paramount in web marketing as they present one’s business in front of searchers.

The google ads are cheap as you can set a budget ahead, whereby you are only required to pay for clicks done.


This is a form of web marketing made to bring back possible clients who visited your site and left before completing the transaction. Close to 50% of customers get to a website more than two times before making the purchase.

In an actual sense, some possible clients might visit your website never to come back. Retargeting enables you to trace such people and bring them back to your site.

Retargeting works in such a way that; when one pops in your website, it drops a trail cookie leading you back to them. Your retargeting ad will pop up inform of a banner when they visit other sites. Such acts as a reminder to them about your company.

On clicking on the banner, they end up being rerouted to one of your pages.

Display ads

Display ads enable one to choose advertising on a website likely to be visited by their clients. Associations and industry publications are some of the best choices.

These websites charge the firm wishing to place their advert. The fee depends on the size as well as the placement of the ad.

For you to place display ads successfully, you need to understand what lures your panoramas. You should also be in a position to get their info the moment they click on your landing page.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

This type of marketing involves the creation of a business profile. The profile engages you to social media. It is one of the marketing strategies which has seen the prosperity of many companies. The sweet bit about it is that it is cheap and simple to join. I mean, what would it take to create a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok account?

Search Engine Optimisation

This technique is crucial as it enhances the high ranking of your content in the paramount search engine searches. It enhances more visitation to your site, thus raising the chances of you making many sales.

Content marketing

Content is a key tool in influencing traffic to your website. Companies that have blogs posting regularly enjoy over thrice visitation to their websites compared to those who do not. This is because many people use the internet to get answers.

Companies that give out easy and under stable answers are likely to win trust and loyalty from clients.

The Benefits of Web Marketing

Web marketing has the following benefits:

It is cost-effective

Web marketing much far cheaper compared to traditional means of marketing. For instance, Facebook ads are over three times cheaper compared to television or print adverts.

It is measurable as well as easy to determine ROI

Web marketing enhances the quantification of results. This is simply attained through one setting up URLs in the ads they place. In this way, one can follow the point where the leads are generated to.

Being in a position to note what gives the right results enables you to save time, money and take the right measures.

It is focused

Web marketing will enable you to set message to appear on websites where your possible consumers are likely to visit. Web marketing will provide you with a variety of online advertising options. This will grant you an opportunity to aim at the specific demographics of your clients.

Web marketing can be easily adapted and edited

Web marketing involving; banner ads, advertisements via social media, among other online campaigns, can be altered easily. This is a great benefit since you can easily incorporate new prices, sales that are time-sensitive or additional goods.

Web marketing can create relationships

Some kinds of marketing can be annoying or unnecessary noise to the people you are targeting. For instance, a kind of an advert interrupting one’s television item they like. Such an advert is likely to be ignored.

With web marketing, the case is different. When done properly, web marketing can be of help to the targeted consumers. A well-programmed web advert will be captivating and will arouse interest in the prospects. Therefore, it will not serve its purpose.

It will create a room for building a conversation environment. This leads to creating trust between you and the targeted clients. Web marketing is likely to bring out solutions and address several points of concern to clients.